More and more it feels like we , as a culture, as communities and as individuals are moving in between a dozen different realities all trying to be “The New Reality”.

Looking at people in the street you can see in their essence, Magical creatures wanting to fly out and be alive. People [...]

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Your Decade is Now

On June 26, 2014 By

How we define ourselves is a collage of many viewpoints and experiences.

All too often in our stories, we wait for a plot line or look for our inspiration to come from the outside. Inspiration in action always flows outward from your own inner well spring of spirit.  To [...]

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To learn Tao ism: is to listen to the world itself.

Zen isn’t Tao ism but the two traditions walk along a similar path. The lessons for Tao ism are all around you. Yes at times a teacher like myself will help a person when they stumble or are confused. Always remember, teachers are [...]

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I received a great question from a student working thru their midlife crisis relationship:

“Is it possible for us to get to where we need to be without counseling or some kind of outside help for us as a couple?  I’m just wondering do other couples make it through just on their own?”

Yes it [...]

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Shamanic Path

On May 20, 2014 By

A shamanic path is timeless.

A shamanic path crosses the lives of many beings who connect to us and how we connect back.

Ishtar was a spiritual friend of mine. I saved her out of the animal shelter, she help me find my way out of the times of a painful divorce. Together we helped [...]

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Gracefully 50

On May 8, 2014 By

What does it means to be Gracefully 50?

Gracefully 50 means to accept 50 as a point to take control of your life. Gracefully 50 means to not give your power away to society. Gracefully 50 means to be brave enough to live as you want to live. Gracefully 50 means to being smart & [...]

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Consciously Uncoupled

On March 29, 2014 By

The term Consciously Uncoupled is making headlines of late.

I am glad to see people asking what does becoming Consciously Uncoupled mean. I have been helping people over the last ten years discover new and more graceful ways to work with their relationships. You have to understand this really doesn’t apply to one single [...]

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Learning Patience

On March 24, 2014 By

If you want to learn about patience, then this lesson is going to get interesting. To learn patience, it’s best to learn about impatience first.

You see impatience means you are moving and not paying attention to other things around you. To be impatient is to go against the flow and always be off beat.


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Modest Leadership

On March 17, 2014 By

Lets focus on the path of modesty and examine the challenge we now face at a global level: Leadership

It is clear the majority of national leaders are not leaders -> they are merely power consumers and ceo’s it seems.

More importantly people tend to wait until a leader shows up to follow before changing [...]

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The Best of Times….

On March 3, 2014 By

The best time to be awake, is when living your life.

The best time to dream is while awake… Why not enjoy and shape your dreams actively?

The best time to live is now.

The best time which is the best time… is when mixing all of the above at once. (You will discover grace [...]

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