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Personal Tao is Being Updated

Julie and I are doing a major update to the Personal Tao site. As a result you will be seeing many changes over the next few days. Our site has been around for 10 years now and this will be...
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energy work

Energy Work

Based on Hollywood and popular stories. This is what people think energy should look like The truth is energy work is not flashy. Anything flashy is actually geared at stirring up emotional energy. Energy work is a subtle art. What…

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Taoism embraces innocence. Being youthful in our essence and approaching life with a smile. Now as we get older we may end up using many words to help balance us to be on this path. We teach Wu-Wei and Pu…

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Graceful Aging

The best thing about hitting 50 as a Taoist… I finally now have crossed the line into being a teenager. Nothing like teaching a practice that feels everyone should shoot for 150. I am a 1/3rd of the way there!…

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Hard Relationship Lesson #4

A hard truth for some in a relationship is this: The lesson isn’t always about how to stay together. For some the lesson is about what we learn from breaking up. In many cases we need to grow and expand…

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I teach people how find wholeness within the patterns of life around them. To flow with the patterns in a way, not to get swept away, but rather to reinforce your essence and heart. Rumi illustrates wholeness nicely: To accept…

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Lessons from Iselle

We just came out from Hurricane Iselle last week. Everything is good. Around the island we are picking up and helping each other as we can. Here is some footage a few days after Iselle’s landfall on the Big Island…

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Release Judgment

Free Yourself and Release Judgment

With judgement, you have only two answers: Guilty or not guilty…. Yes or no. In Taoism we know there is always a third answer: Release! You can walk away, Start fresh, -> To Let go of the whole question and…

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Pushing Comfort Aside

The price of comfort… is not truly living *** a full life ***. Mix it up a bit.     Take risks , slow down, be patient, rush ahead, dance, rest, change it up… Be unpredictable… For the record… death…

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Letting Go Now

Feel your life for a moment. Are you ready to feel like this?   Look around at all the tension, all the people being polarized…. trying to be right. No one screaming their “right” is right at all… This is…

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