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Lessons from Iselle

We just came out from Hurricane Iselle last week. Everything is good. Around the island we are picking up and helping each other as we can. Here is some footage a few days after Iselle’s landfall on the Big Island…

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Release Judgment

Free Yourself and Release Judgment

With judgement, you have only two answers: Guilty or not guilty…. Yes or no. In Taoism we know there is always a third answer: Release! You can walk away, Start fresh, -> To Let go of the whole question and…

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Pushing Comfort Aside

The price of comfort… is not truly living *** a full life ***. Mix it up a bit.     Take risks , slow down, be patient, rush ahead, dance, rest, change it up… Be unpredictable… For the record… death…

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Letting Go Now

Feel your life for a moment. Are you ready to feel like this?   Look around at all the tension, all the people being polarized…. trying to be right. No one screaming their “right” is right at all… This is…

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Polishing Our Inner Story

Don’t take answers to be held inside as a truth… Take answers inward to reflect against your own ideals: -> To help polish your personal stories to be bright and reflective of your own inner nature.   Working with Your…

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Hold Each Other Warmly

More and more it feels like we , as a culture, as communities and as individuals are moving in between a dozen different realities all trying to be “The New Reality”. Looking at people in the street you can see…

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Your Decade is Now

How we define ourselves is a collage of many viewpoints and experiences. All too often in our stories, we wait for a plot line or look for our inspiration to come from the outside. Inspiration in action always flows outward…

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ism is all about your path.

To learn Tao ism: is to listen to the world itself. Zen isn’t Tao ism but the two traditions walk along a similar path. The lessons for Tao ism are all around you. Yes at times a teacher like myself…

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Midlife Crisis Relationship

I received a great question from a student working thru their midlife crisis relationship: “Is it possible for us to get to where we need to be without counseling or some kind of outside help for us as a couple? …

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Shamanic Path

A shamanic path is timeless. A shamanic path crosses the lives of many beings who connect to us and how we connect back. Ishtar was a spiritual friend of mine. I saved her out of the animal shelter, she help…

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