What is living?

On October 19, 2013 By

I was asked: “Define Living”

My answer without hesitation is:

To act with awareness…

A animal would react with instincts.
A Human re-acts relative to their stories and then instincts

A Conscious being (animal or human) would act with awareness first and then if appropriate use instincts or story to modify how they [...]

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Being Kind as a Parent

On October 3, 2013 By

I think for me what has worked best for being with children: is to always respect them. Never to think of them as too young or too old, but to accept them as a human being and do my best to talk as an equal with respect to another human soul.

To work with them, [...]

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To be human is embrace your nature as a story. The core of every story always contains a seed of a flaw to drive the story onward.

Once discovering you are Human, the need to be perfect melts away and a person can strive to live kindly. It’s the drive to live kindly that allows [...]

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I had this question come up from a student the other day.

My assumption is that there is something we are ‘searching’ for. At some point in our lives we all have been wondering, wandering, meandering, having tried (or being on) some spiritual, or philosophical, or religious paths etc. I’ll be blunt I am [...]

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A World of Change

On September 4, 2013 By

The world is changing….

The danger is to look away to ignore the problems and the other danger is to look too deeply and be paralyzed.

The solution is in the middle, in how we each live.

All too many people will actively deny change, because they deny their capacity to change.

It’s [...]

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The Path of Vision

On September 3, 2013 By

Learning to be aware is an interesting, ever evolving road. You will travel it a whole life time, never get bored and never reach any final destination.

You will encounter countless experiences, see moments that even the best movie effects will pale in comparison to, and yes you will always move on, to go on.


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Wisdom from All Cultures

On August 12, 2013 By

We can find wisdom in all cultures. It’s important to be open and mix with more than your own culture that you grew up within since The world is changing.

My daughter goes to a Hawaiian immersion school. She came home with this wonderful lesson from Hawaiian tradition teachings:

You do not know your place [...]

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Our house is kept simple. Almost no furniture is in it and we minimize what we can, so others can open up when coming here to heal.

It’s funny, because in a consumer culture so much clutter tries to come into the house. I walked around the house this morning and I feel like a [...]

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Comparing What

You see
They see
You remember
They remember
You hear
They hear
You feel
They feel
You perceive
They perceive
You live
They live
You expect
They expect
You think
They think
What you say
What [...]

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The Trends of Life

On July 18, 2013 By

You can do more than chase daydreams… but it requires your own action to swim out of the riptides of fear.

I professionally help people transform. I watch, listen and follow all the various social trends and of course I pay attention to what people are doing. I need to in order to better help [...]

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