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Broken Trust

Repairing Trust

I was asked about repairing trust. Trust once broken is not truly repairable. This is due to the fact that trust is based on faith. Once broken you have shown it is breakable. You cannot have faith in something which…

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Calenders and Time


Happy New Year. Yet another year slips into our view so lets look at Calendars and Time.   Are you really measured by time? No we are measured by judgement. Sadly we use time to judge ourselves against. Then as…

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Meeting Mortality & Spiritual Maps

I am a spiritual being taking a rest within the physical world.

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A Conversation About Death is All About Life

I received this request today I was recently diagnosed with melanoma, I don’t know the full prognosis but the prospect of an early death has made me very frightened so I’m trying to find a view that gives more internal…

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Lessons in Pictures

Here is a picture that has been shared thousands upon thousands of times. Yes this picture has a good lesson on the surface to live happily. Also it makes you feel good after reading it. But does the lesson it…

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Zen Moments in Taoism

Lets have a Zen moment for a moment… How does a Zen Moment teach Taoism? Taoism is actually pretty simple: Taoism is a path of a person exploring their essence. The core principles of Taoism are simple: kindness, modesty, striving…

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Judgment Times or Empathy Epiphany

Ponder Perception and then practice seeing in an expanded manner. It will change how you hold yourself and work with others. This is profoundly true. Once accepting that our interactions with each other are a mirror for each person: it…

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Personal Tao is Being Updated

Julie and I are doing a major update to the Personal Tao site. As a result you will be seeing many changes over the next few days. Our site has been around for 10 years now and this will be...
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energy work

Energy Work

Based on Hollywood and popular stories. This is what people think energy should look like The truth is energy work is not flashy. Anything flashy is actually geared at stirring up emotional energy. Energy work is a subtle art. What…

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Taoism embraces innocence. Being youthful in our essence and approaching life with a smile. Now as we get older we may end up using many words to help balance us to be on this path. We teach Wu-Wei and Pu…

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