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The uncarved block represents the ultimate art form, since in potential, the uncarved block can be everything. However, Taoists are human loving to give in to emotions, whimsy and freedom to just let go. To let the art take the artist to the wildest heights.

This is an example of a Taoist letting go. Taking the uncarved block of wild boulders, and seeing in it themselves. Our very nature within the rock.

We are many things in life, including at times: rock. Our potential is what we might be and reality becomes the shape we crave out for ourself. Ideally, we leave our shape un-touched, un-formed so we can experience life fully.

In a strange manner much of Taoist practice reverses the shaping that we do upon ourselves. We can start off as one shape, to let go of form, to then become whole and uncarved again.

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Thank you for this post. I enjoy it very much. I try to remind myself that no matter how tired or worn by the world of form I am, I still have the uncarved block within myself. Since the Tao is boundless, I am boundless as well. Even in death my body will be made new to the soil and trees from which it came. In this way we return always to the tao and so are always the block.

Nice insight!
Could you tell me where this statue is please?

@Robbie: I dont know where the status is, but it’s awesome isn’t it?

Dean Moriarty
April 10, 2013 1:01 am

A stone sculpture of Laozi, located north of Quanzhou at the foot of Mount Qingyuan

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