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All of the chapters of the “Personal Tao” book are online below.

The book is designed to be read as a physical book. This means all the chapters are in a PDF format to allow you to print it properly. Not all browsers support PDF so you may need to download the full book for a better reading experience.

Reading A Personal Tao

The Personal Tao books aren’t mass market self help books, rather its art, to enjoy in the same manner you would sit next to a river to just watch water passing by.

Imagine sitting down, beside an old maple tree. 

Close the eyes.

Feel dappled sunlight dancing on skin,

	Leaves eclipse stray beams

	as shadows tango to the light across the body.

Listen to leaves whisper 

	joy as the wind tussles them

		into the air. 

Smile as branches complain 

	in creaking strains

		as younger leaves bounce in play.


In the larger sense, these teachings are to free a person. Freedom could be discovered sitting under a tree or even flying under the moon.

A truth about the nature of freedom: once you experience freedom, part of the very experience is to share and pass it along to others in your life.

Freedom is to be shared, if it’s to be had at all.

The Personal Tao books are written with this in mind, to share and to help each person describe their own freedom with their actions.

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Love your “Waking” chapter, especially the foot note about being careful not confuse anyone else’s direction with your own. I believe I made that mistake and ended up in a harmful codependent relationship. Your site has helped me make baby steps at finding who I really am and not let past abuses define who I am today. Thank you!

@Danielle: I am honored and happy that A Personal Tao has been helpful for you to find strength in your own personal path ahead.

You will find your style in being graceful and in that also discover your own person power to live in kindness and well. :)

Hi Casey,
I am an addict with feelings of self-loathing that I do not understand, and which no amount of good works, positive thinking and therapy seem able to change. I have studied Tao for years, and believe I have a little “understanding”. The study has greatly enriched the life I have made in spite of myself, yet I’ve failed to heal whatever is wrong inside of me. I am new to your page and find it a hopeful place. Would you mind recommending to me a place to begin such as a specific chapter? Thank you so much.

Hi Donny:

I would recommend starting with the healing section.

An expanded perspective about healing itself will help give you new angles for your own path.

Finally got around to reading this and I’m glad I did! A great read

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