Chapter 6

Chapter 6

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As one gets older, the tides of time rush by a bit quicker. Time as a friend seems to be impatient and always skips on to the next experience.

Time is relationship. It’s how we connect to others, it’s how we play out our life in tempo beats of the heart, in steps to explore one’s nature as “me”

Time is fractured & fleeting

Time is motion

Time is painstakingly linear in a seemingly non linear universe….

But also to be eternal is to be whole and in that motionless… and timeless…

In Taoist practice we play with time, discover what it is to be eternal, shift potentials to skip around time, so time becomes a jump rope so we can skip around time rather than time skipping past us…

Now I must go again… so have fun pondering the beats of the clock. I rather live life than ponder what I cannot tame… as time ultimately is: an un-tameable beast that chains your stories, no matter how well you claim it’s tamed / imprisoned within your watch. So it’s best to let it be free so you yourself are likewise free.

Balancing Time

I was also pondering how best to balance my time my right now. I for sure don’t lack for projects. Each project demanding its own share of time.

I will choose carefully how I spend my time. Since I want to spend it well with friends and family. Factor in work and we discover work often throwing life out of balance. When we feel out of balance we often reach out to validate ourselves, wait for something to confirm how we should balance out our efforts.

Don’t wait for the universe to validate what you do. We are capable of doing this on our own.

Time is a balancing act, and if you try to balance it with only money or only work or only relationships or only personal efforts or only outside measures (judgment): then one ends up with a unbalanced life indeed.

Mix it up so you have a healthy balance of it all.

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