Trusting to Spirit

Chasing dragon flies
Today what place is it
he has strayed off to?


We may try 404 times,
We may find errors along the way.
But in the landing
We should strive to be happy
in every unexpected discovery.


Temple Cat

Cats and Temples go back a long way with each other.

Several once stray cats adopted the Personal Tao Temple, This one earned the name Bodi Zen Rose Flower and sleeps in the various wicker baskets, being part of family.

We all wander to chase our life about, but also share our tales and tails.

To come together, share and teach connection between our movement in life is spirit.

Life itself is a temple. When living fully, life responds to the point that others you will love, do come, help out and join in. To full fill the space of living which in turn truly creates a temple. This is living openly and fully to spirit.

Temple isn’t place alone, it’s life embraced: reflecting a path to accepting wholeness.

After a long nap,
the cat yawns, rises, and goes out
looking for love
Goes out,
comes back–
the loves of a cat.



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