How to find Solution(s) to problems in Life

In trying to find a solution for all
… you get no solutions at all …

A problem I deal with all the time is when people try to find a single solution to their problems.

In truth a solution is typically a process that occurs over time and represent a series of solutions that improve over time.


the situation requires literally multiple solutions at once


because multiple people are involved, the perspective of multiple people drives that no single solution can work and you need to implement several ideas at once…

Yet people, insist on single solution ideas or proposals… this simply drives conflict and conflict over time reduces options down to a single option… but then time steps in and multiple solutions often creep back into the picture as the victor learns they must modify their solutions… (then the victor discovers the meaning of irony, or they claim it as part of their original solution … wotever…)

So when thinking about how best to approach any sort of problem: often times consider that multiple solutions can be explored at once.

Lets apply this concept to the culture within the United States right now.

In theory a democracy is a society that embraces the ideal of multiple solutions of many people at once.

You can tell what we have in the United States isn’t a democracy any more. Why? because we as a culture / society are not embracing multiple solutions to the social problems we are facing…

Instead the United States culture drives everything into crisis and crisis always force solutions to be single fast actions that end up creating conflict in the population.

The democracy in United States is failing at the most fundamental level right now and people like Palin and Beck will use that to win and drive deeper spikes into our political hearts…

Just saying

The answer people are looking for isn’t single solution, majic bullet nor conflict… the answer we face are “answer (S)” that many of us can work together towards to improve our life so we can live together. Otherwise we are just facing a rapidly bad game of musical chairs…

I think it’s time to build more chairs…

or even better

change the game to be many games at once

Just saying…


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Thanks Casey… I will try my level best to start a fresh life.. As you said, I have never even considered about this option. Yet I would prefer this life rather than suicide. And I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for replying this soon… :)

You are welcomed Sri.

The clue was you were feeling suicidal. Since neither answer was strong enough to want to live for, it meant that you need to release both answers and find a life you want to fight for as your own.

Be strong, you can create a life which will be amazing , help others and make a difference around you in India. India is waking up, Truly and amazingly waking up. Be part of that exciting waking up, Be one of those that shows by example, how to live in kindness, fullness and by shining example making your life your own. If you do this and as others do this, you will be part of that new India that inspires a world.

What you just felt and went thru isn’t only you, you reflect countless millions trapped in bad stories in India.

Its time to take control of your own story and live it. Not easy, but worth every breath and every step you explore.

Am feeling like suicide, lots of problem is going on in my mind and tensions …..

@Priyanka: Relative to suicide you can read this article on Suicide I wrote on the topic.

I don’t give direct advice on suicide. I am not a person that works directly on this topic. I think it is important for you to talk with others, living people who can directly assist you. I can give you an encouraging word: Be strong…But begin to explore your actions. It is how you connect to life that makes the difference in life.

Right now you are asking for help that is a first step. Now go out and directly talk to people, living souls, to take the second step ahead back into life.

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