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Every Hawaiian retreat we hold is one on one and tailored specifically to meet your needs. We have developed a graceful system that expands out your retreat to be a full and complete experience. We will help you walk through and develop your own retreat. During the retreat, our personal attention means the actual retreat evolves as you learn. When the retreat is finished, we are still accessible, to guide you as you apply the lessons smoothly into your life. Our retreats flow as a life changing process and are far more than just taking one week off from your life. We are here to help you connect fully into a more complete and graceful life.

One River Hawaiian Retreat Programs.

Personal & Spiritual Retreats
Teaching & Training Retreats

One River Hawaiian Retreats Offer

  • Personal Development
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Crisis Resolution
  • Meditation Training
  • Qi Gong & Exercise sessions
  • Taoist Teachings
  • Shamanic Teachings
  • Dance & Movement Work
  • Herbal Counseling
  • Organic Meals

A retreat is a major personal investment in your life. We recognize you are at an important change point, and we are here to make your process as smooth as possible. You are able to choose the teachings that call to you in creating this retreat experience. We’ll make sure the experience matches your personality and requirements in a manner you can never achieve in a larger group retreat.

Our personalized service sets us apart from other retreat centers. With a personal One River Hawaiian Retreat, you can explore your own development in depth, at your own pace and without getting lost in the crowd.

Come to Hawaii and discover what so many others have found. A complete teaching & healing experience that opens up new possibilities for your next steps in life.

We also offer group workshops once every quarter. These workshops are kept small (4 people) and cycle between the different services we offer.


In general, we work and teach in a system we call time for time. Costs are relative to each person. How we work with each person is centered around a balanced exchange of time and support which works in both directions. We personally developed the time to time system ourselves to ensure a better experience for everyone. Time for time works so gracefully many other teachers have been adopting our system. For more information read about Time for Time.

Retreat Location

The One River Hawaiian retreat is located in Hilo Hawaii next to the Wailuku river.

Come join us by the river to find both answers and the inner calm you have been seeking.

Expanding Your Retreat

A retreat is an amazingly powerful experience, but keeping the peace of mind and centering after a retreat can be a challenge. Your retreat doesn’t end when you leave the One River Retreat center. You are going back into the world and applying the lessons learned from your retreat. This isn’t as simple as many people think. You can continue to work with us over the phone / Internet to help to balance out your experience as you evolve.

First Time Retreats

Retreats facilitate transformation. This represents a powerful moment of your life. If you are considering your first retreat, the process of sorting out all the possible options and finding the right retreat can be overwhelming. To make our Hawaiian retreats accessible right away, we offer the additional option to work with you directly before the retreat starts. We can work with you over the phone or Internet. In this manner, you can get to know us personally and begin learning right away. Additionally, since we get to know you before your retreat begins, we can fine tune and customize your retreat precisely to your needs. This allows Julie and Casey to make each Hawaiian retreat an amazing experience for everyone.

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All retreats are by appointment only.