Taoist Retreats

Casey teaches Awakening Dragon Taoism. Our school focuses upon the core details of Taoism taught with contemporary language. Julie teaches shamanic meditation and movement exercises. Together we offer this unique Taoist retreat that will help find you answers as you begin to explore life from a Taoist perspective.

Our Taoist retreats are one on one sessions, taught in a traditional Taoist manner of a teacher directly to a student.

The path of awakening dragon opens inner teachings of Taoism thousands of years old, while expanding upon the best aspects of living in the here and now. Take this journey to discover your potential as you learn to move more gracefully with the world around you.

The Flow of a Taoist Retreat

Since these are personal retreats, the retreat will be customized to fit your needs. This means the layout of each Taoist retreat changes dramatically to each person. The retreats will include elements of the following Taoist Teachings.

  • Taoist Practices & History
  • Qi Gong sessions
  • Energy Work
  • Inner Vision Training
  • Herbal Teachings
  • Meditation
  • Understanding the Patterns Around You

Most importantly, a Taoist retreat is actually a guided exploration in learning how to live a more complete life. Taoism as a practice teaches people how to explore and sense potential. The ability to read potential has many names across many cultures. However, the end result of expressing potential is always a statement of who you are as a person. This means our Taoist retreats are all about helping you see and then work against every option and challenge around you. In this you will grow and become more graceful as a person, more your own person. These educational retreats will help you both develop and learn to appreciate the beauty of your own natural gifts. Take the time in this retreat to explore the world with extra clarity. It isn’t about learning some secret, rather this is about learning to be complete with your own natural abilities to read, understand and move with your potential!

Western Culture tries to force learning to be external to a person. A modern person is forced and shaped relative to outside culture & knowledge.  This Taoist retreat is the opposite approach of learning. When you come here on a Personal Tao retreat, you will be learning internally to be a stronger person and then flow more gracefully around external forces trying to limit you.

This means we use your life itself for the baseline of the teaching and then apply a balanced mix of Taoist practices (meditation, exercise, awareness principles) to keep you grounded while exploring all the options ahead of you in life.  This is very critical as each student in our retreats will learn tools that will help them hold a very practical and flexible outlook in their life. You will leave our retreat with a deeper strength and discover how to move with more grace in your life. Potential represents what “might be”.  So this Taoist retreat will be a time to finally take a look at all your options and then set into motion the actions that will focus / move you into the life you actively dream as yours.

Retreat Details

Depending on your needs, you can customize the length of time to match your life situation. A Taoist retreat can be as short as a day or you can extend it over several weeks. Generally people come for five to seven day retreats. Our Taoist retreats are open to everyone.

The cost of the retreat is always a reasonable time for time rate.

Our main retreat location is in Hilo Hawaii on the Wailuku river.

Additional retreat details can be found on our main retreat page.

Arrange Personal Teaching

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