Taoist Retreats

Taoist Retreats

Casey teaches the path of the awakening dragon. This school of Taoism focuses upon the core details of Taoism taught with contemporary language.

The path of awakening dragon opens inner teachings of Taoism thousands of years old, while expanding upon the best aspects of living in the here and now. Take a journey to discover your potential and release to be one with your heart.


Information About Taoist Retreats

These Taoist retreats can be as short as a day or last as long as a few weeks. Generally people come for 7 to 10 day retreats. Our retreats are open to everyone.

The cost of the retreat is always a reasonable time for time rate.

Our Taoist retreats are not vacation packages. We apply techniques thousands of years old used by many eastern monasteries. This is part of an ancient, soulful and spiritual path helping seekers integrate inner peace into their life while revealing new truth. Personal Tao retreats blend modern and ancient knowledge with compassion to best aid each person.

To start a dialog on how to create your personalized retreat give Casey a call today at (360) 870 -2897 or email him at PersonalTao@gmail.com to find out more.

Retreat Locations

Taoist retreat at water fall

Our main retreat location is in Hilo Hawaii.

As Taoists we wander to many wonderful locations for our retreats. In addition to holding our Hawaiian Retreat, we also offer the option to have the retreat in a place of your own choosing.

In our travels we have found the greatest sense of peace on the Big Island of Hawaii. We located our temple and home in Hawaii to improve the retreat experience. Hawaii has the ideal mixture of spiritual, cultural, natural and healing settings to help any seeker find resolution in their search. Our home temple is currently located in Hilo Hawaii right next to the Wailuku river.

Since our Taoist retreats are one on one sessions, taught in a traditional Taoist manner of a teacher directly to a student, these retreats can also occur anywhere in the world to balance out your experience. We have actively held personal retreats all around the United States.

Email us at:

Casey Kochmer

— Call now at —

(360) 870-2897 (Olympia, Washington)
(808) 935-6346 (Hilo, Hawaii)

Please include a brief description of your needs
when sending email requests.

All Taoist retreats are by appointment only.

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When is your next Taoist Retreat? What is the average cost? I may not be able to participate this year, as my money is spent to visit Bali at the end of September. But I want to be able to build it into my budget possible next year. Please keep me in mind when developing your schedule.

thank you,

We hold Taoist retreats all year round. Connie Costs are found on the payment page


We would love to know whether you will be offering a tantra taoist retreat for a couple any days between 15-22 July 2013. We will be coming from South Africa.

Casey Kochmer
February 4, 2013 6:49 pm

@Drieke: Couple Taoist Retreats of the style you ask about are a specialty area in Taoism. Most Taoist lineages including Awakening Dragon Taoism actually don’t cover tantra style teachings. Tantra is the word for Indian Yoga based tradition. Searching upon the term “Tantric retreats” will find you many options.

We focus our Taoist retreats to teaching Taoism relative to a person’s life. We help each person balance out their life with Taoist Ideals. As a result each retreat is very graceful Taoist event to attend. Each retreat a unique experience to discover the Tao through.

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