The time of Change: Starts with a single step.

The future looks bleak to many people where around the world there is a push to erode individual rights and freedoms.

I am getting asked now, how to work against this?
How would a Taoist react to this?

I am seeing many people living in despair, acting in despair and as a result losing their power in despair.

First: despair is an unstable diminishing place of spirit. To act in despair will limit and undercut all your future actions to failure.

This means learning to release despair, since despair is dis-empowering.

In part, one way to counteract despair is by living with awareness in the now rather than the future. The capacity to step ahead base on smaller personal plans rather than doing nothing because you don’t believe there is hope.

Secondly: Learn to how to counteract conflict and judgement with personal inner strength.

The end result is this:

Be strong in who you are, be kind in who you are…

So that other’s cannot question your nature.

This type of personal faith, as shown by Jesus, Martin Luther king, Gandhi and others.. Cannot be undercut by other’s judgement, nor can it be diminished by despair.

Everyone can do this, its part of the Taoist teachings. It requires modesty so you cannot be corrupted by power, it requires non-judgement, so you can release other people’s judgement and in that release conflict. It requires kindness so that you dont give up your own essence but stand strong in it. Kindness means to give to both yourself and others *Equally*.

You can make a difference in your life with simple modifications, that actually 100% counteract and prevent the current larger world despair from undercutting your life.

It’s a simple way to live that takes years on how you apply it to your life. This isn’t something you can do all at once. So take time to begin practicing it in simple steps. Those simple steps will then refine and recreate your life in amazing ways.

While I do teach people how to do this, you can also do this on your own with your own style and flair. There isn’t a single best way to apply these teachings.

The real question then becomes are you ready to simplify down to truly living your life, rather than acting out to the projections of others?

The time to make a difference isn’t 5 years from now, or 10 years ago.

The time to make a difference is in your life presently.


Again, in working towards what and how you want to live in simple steps.

You see over and over again I will remind you of this, since, it is the easiest way to change the world completely 5 years from now, if we all begin to do this, and begin to take care of ourselves. This is the evolution that replaces both revolution and social issues people feel trapped by currently.

Ironically if we all begin to take care of ourselves, that is a movement that coordinates and shifts an entire global culture.

If you dont get this.. or can’t see the small step that best fits. turns out you dont have to optimize each small step up front.

Rather, taking a small step itself will lead to the optimal steps 3 or 7 steps out from your first step. Try it.

If you are nervous about taking that first step, then call me, I hold the hand of many such people in making these steps.

Trust me, you can do this, I know, I have help thousands do it already, so I have all the proof I need to know it works.

All you need is the faith to start taking a single step ahead.


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