Time time time.

Pondering how best to balance my time my right now. I for sure don’t lack for projects.

I have the notes and pieces strewn about on my hard drive in order to write 4 different books right now, plus also working on a half dozen other projects.

But time being what time is: relationship with others. I will choose carefully how I spend my time. Since I want to spend it well with my friends and family. Factor in working to earn a living… Well right now that just means the books will wait for a few months more. At least I pulled much of the starting material together.

Perhaps one day I will find a sponsor to help out. But being a Taoist, I am working hard personally, in order to become my own sponsor.

Don’t wait for the universe to validate what we do. We are capable of doing this on our own.

It would be easy to lose oneself in such projects… the truth is such projects are for other people, they form a bridge between myself and others. I won’t rush to finish it all at the cost of not experiencing my own life. I must be sure of having a strong foundation myself to build that bridge upon. I will also finish these projects because, life isn’t lived in isolation either. Projects do help expand life from the act of creation.

In this then projects often become community efforts, and then take time to build community as much as your projects so the two can grow and evolve together.

Time is a balancing act, and if you try to balance with only money or only work or only relationships or only personal time: then one ends up with a unbalanced life indeed.

Mix it up so you have a healthy balance of it all.


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