A World of Change

The World is Changing.

The danger is to look away to ignore the problems and the other danger is to look too deeply and be paralyzed.

The solution is in the middle, in how we each live.

All too many people will actively deny change because they deny their capacity to change. It’s hard to deny change: when a change has been forced upon you in the form of crisis after crisis.

Ironically it isn’t needed to look at all the facts or even to have all the facts to change. It’s possible to start improving your life now, so why not start? To wait for all the facts within a disaster of this magnitude will often leave you in a worse position. It’s often prudent to act with speedful grace to make sure you are in a better place to work from later.

For those who want to look deeper, don’t be blinded by the scope of events.

Rather accept that this decade is a fundamental change point for humanity. The question is, will you lead your change, or will you let crisis define how you must change?

I pay attention a little deeper than many, partially because of my science/engineering background. I understand the dynamics at play here. I pay close attention because of my spiritual experience. I accept how we move and live does change the world.

I look deeper because people ask me to help them move thru a crisis in their life, so paying attention helps me be more informed to help others. Helps me find simple but effective answers on how to move ahead.

Current Disasters

It’s hard to deny Fukushima is a crisis at a scale not seen before by humanity:

This next part isn’t me jumping up and down to say hey look at this you are screwed. Rather it is a basic overview of a few tidbits I have gained from scanning easily available information.

*I have reviewed reports that indicate the entire West Coast of America due to winds and currents will get concentrated radiation at a level 10X times higher than everywhere else around the Pacific.

*A year later every tuna caught and examined for radiation was tainted with radiation.

*Mutations in Japanese wildlife is spreading.

*The radiation zone around Fukushima, and hence Tokyo is larger than expected.

*Estimates are beginning to pop up that millions, MILLIONS will be directly impacted by this, literally meaning millions of people being impacted alone due to increased cancer.

* The Japanese government is in fear of how to handle this situation: so they hide problems rather than tackle it and risk losing face. This only leads it to become worse.

*Fukushima has been leaking massive amounts of radiation into the pacific unstopped since the beginning of the accident, and that rate is increasing, and the level of radioactivity is still increasing.

Not good.

It is possible to clean up Fukushima: expensive and hard. However, it would still be far less costly than the war in Iraq, or Syria or Afghanistan. So it’s doable. But nothing is being done.

And now ponder this: The last few years officials knew about all of this, this could have been slowed down tremendously. If I could piece the scope of the accident at the time of the accident and I did. It wasn’t hard; it’s basic science at play. It means Japan and the United States with their experts knew damn well what they were facing.

AND they still did NOTHING. In other words, the mishandling of how it is being cleaned up is purposeful. Let that sink in a bit, because it means unless people, not governments, begin to act. It will get worse. Because the power structure/governments are letting this slide into worse case situation. I used to work with the United States government, I know how the system operates, and I can say with certainty, this is purposeful.

But then add in Oil disasters. The Gulf of Mexico is in a state of disaster as bad as Fukushima due to the Oil industry pollution; Fracking is destroying most of the clean drinking water in the US. GMO foods are increasing cancer and other illnesses.

At the very simplest level, it is all purposeful due to a profit based system, ensuring the big companies that keep the economic engine turning can keep profits for a few people in power.

All for profit. Profit is unkind. The current system in place is in crisis and is allowing this to evolve. Most likely for long-term profit,  again at the expense of everyone, *everything* else.

Improving Our World

We can change the world into a better place. It’s a slow path, but each of us can change in little ways how we live. Conserve a bit more, spend more time with each other, consume a bit less, work to clean up where you live. Support small-scale farmers around you. Working not to profit but to live in balance.

I am not on a soapbox, I live what I speak, been doing so for decades working towards a simpler, more balanced lifestyle. It’s not easy and takes time to re-adjust. But we each have time; we have an entire lifespan to work at achieving a more graceful lifestyle which leads to a more robust and full life.

It’s slow, but you can change the world despite everything else that seems to make you powerless.

YOU HAVE POWER. but it is only power if you use it to define your life with your actions.

I don’t want to write many of these posts, because honestly, not many people will read them. I would wager perhaps only 10 to 30 people read this. The rest quickly moving past it or only making it to the Ewwww part and then quickly clicking away to the next best happy post.

Never underestimate the power of denial. And also because posts like this will turn all too many people on edge to shut down from fear or the feeling of being too small to do anything. That you can’t write this too often, it’s more graceful to focus on personal growth, which then leads to empathy and greater kindness.

This is why we are seeing many posts on facebook, running around about being positive! About being upbeat, to stressing the good side of being human. Because people are going into shock and denial.

Reality is reality, we can work with it. It isn’t something that often we want, but it is what we get in the end.

The truth is: it’s better to work with something earlier than later in a greater mess. It’s a pretty big mess now, and yes it will get bigger, so it’s a bit wise to start now changing rather than letting the situation later forcing you into changes of even grittier realities.

πŸ™‚ love to everyone.

There is hope, but you are the hope: so begin working towards a better life now, it will make a difference later.

But hope requires action or otherwise it is only wishful thinking.

A Time to Act.

Saving the world isn’t about feeling good.

Being free requires the ability to speak up and out to be yourself.

Doing nothing: means getting only what is served by your culture. And today all too many are being sentenced to time at a job that feels like a prison because IT IS a prison when working merely to survive.

You only deserve freedom if you stand up to claim life as your own.

Now ask yourself: are you living to a life that you truly want? Does this life help change and improve things in a day to day manner?

If not: Then it’s up to you to get up and do something.

Can I make this any clearer? Time to wait for answers has passed. Modern culture is coming down quickly in lockdown mode if you hadn’t noticed. However: It’s always possible to start and make small changes each day. Even when larger events makes you feel insignificant. You are significant; you have the personal power to decide how to live.

I would wager most people are in the trap of doing nothing.

Let’s be viciously clear today:

The only way out of such a trap is to wait for the trapper to come and slaughter one for a pelt. Or to use tooth and claw to chew a way out.

If you are clever enough, you will realize the trap is nothing, and the way to counter nothing is to… act. Before the trapper comes.

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gch -

Honorable Casey-san, No disrespect intended in using your first name with the -san! A habit I picked up after working with Japanese people from a certain company for many years, who called Americans by first name-san, even though in their culture using a first name was considered disrespectful… This little tweak of their culture to mix with ours was a practice of theirs I found endearing. Last line of your reply to my comments: “So we don’t accidentally steam roller over the very change we are trying to shift into practice.” I got a glimmer of the meaning of Wo… Read more »


Just read this and feel even better!! I completely understand what it’s like to live without to ability to deny what you’ve seen/discovered, then keep mum and/or reject that truth from your experience and ultimate perception of live and modern times. If this makes you unpopular, as it has for me when I find it difficult or impossible to turn a blind eye toward things others don’t want to deal with, I wouldn’t be surprised. If it hasn’t, I wonder what you know that I do not in terms of existing in the world with other people and I hope… Read more »

@Gregory: Yes everything is interconnected in many manners and not just in a physical web of connections. We can and do shape our experiences and how we inter-relate with everything. Each person can have a major impact to shifting society and how we help improve the human impact to the world. So many angles are within this conversation. Slowing down is required to explore properly, even more patience is required to learn how to connect and help each other. We are living within amazing times, it’s up to us to help shape it with grace, thru our actions. Using our… Read more »

Gregory C. Hinds

So very sad for all the fish and other living things that are also affected, not only the people. Reading your writings, not only in this post but your website overall, helps me to see a glimmer of a concept, maybe the one you are working to point out. Are we are all connected? If enough of us change our thoughts and actions to more enlightened ways will things slightly shift toward a better world overall? Other thoughts — from overall reading and thinking about concepts as I am perceiving them from Taoism, here and elsewhere, I get these kinds… Read more »

πŸ™‚ Debi: I think going to japan to visit, connect and understand things deeper, could be a powerful and amazing experience now. It is much more complicated than what I stated of course, The Japanese government was hiding, in fear, also in shock and tried to hide more than be proactive because they were paralyzed. Governments will always default to the do nothing actions unless some people step up to the plate to push things. No one stepped up to push. Yet I also believe this was more than the standard do nothing process we see in government. It feels… Read more »


I read often. I am also thinking about a trip to Japan this year. I have a friend works with goverments around the world and her focus water. I will forward this post and see her response. Thanks for your time and effort you put into each and ever post. debi