Embrace Change Over Business as Usual


Business as Usual is Dangerous

Once in a while change it up.
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What do you need most to improve your life?

In the chase to earn a living, to survive, we often forget to do the one thing that helps us most:  to change things up once in a while.

Once in a while, step out and change your routine. Improve something once in a while randomly as you live in your day to day life.  The sad truth is we don’t grow unless we change things up on our own once in a while.

We get comfortable in a routine and then routine life around us crumbles into decay without us noticing. Also often, we get taken advantage of by others who use our predictability against us.

What changes have you made recently? If you answer none in the last three months: then it’s time to shift something in your life.

The truth of change: You need to push your own change. Living a normal life means nothing changes. Feeling stuck means business as usual.

If you are feeling stuck, then the solution is often simpler than you might think: just change things up once in a while.

Don’t Disconnect

Part of me is feeling so ready to dump my Facebook account. I was going through the Facebook feed, and a news item came up, which just devastated me. The news item showed the amount of cruelty that homo-sapiens pushes out is mind-boggling. But I breathed and reminded myself humanity is still learning how to expand upon its empathy.

I won’t dump my Facebook account since it’s a doorway to connect. If I ever do disconnect from Facebook, I will be sure to connect elsewhere (other communities or activities) to keep myself active in life.

The trap is a simple one: If I disconnect, I am then ironically cutting empathy out from humanity. So disconnection is not the answer. Yes, sometimes we need to walk away from bad situations. But always stay connected to the larger world to be part of it all.  Disconnecting can make things worse. Disconnection is a trap that stops us from changing the world. Don’t let your empathy turn you off from the world now when we need empathy more than ever.

What about release then?

I often teach the answer to abuse is release. So some people might get confused about this. Release isn’t disconnection.  We release connections that diminish us. As we release one connection that diminishes us, we connect to something else which improves us. Releasing abuse allows us to reconnect with ourselves.

The Trap of Normal.

Right now, politics are getting worse, and strife is expanding around our world. Don’t respond to the times by trying to live a normal life. People are building psychological walls around themselves in an attempt to keep their older normal lifestyle.

Building a wall around your life will only disconnect you from the world.

The world you see portrayed in the media isn’t normal. The old world you grew up within also isn’t normal anymore. Trying to live a normal life only reinforces the strife around you. The world we are living within was built upon the normal you live within and look at what that has created: a burning planet. Modern normal isn’t graceful.

The greatest challenge we face is not to live normally!

Just because something is normal doesn’t make it graceful.

Find more graceful options in how we live, risk flowing to a new different lifestyle!

Don’t Fear the Times

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What a great blog and an interesting family. I just spent some time browsing around and enjoyed my visit. I found your blog because I was looking for current blogs about Tao. I have loved the Tao Te Ching for decades, and recently spent three years taking a chapter at a time and delving into contemplation of the classical Chinese. For me, this ongoing inquiry and contemplation is integrated with meditation and the practice of martial arts. I look forward to reading more. Have a wonderful weekend!

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