Taoism and Common Sense

Is Taoism Common Sense?

I have heard many people say that Taoism is just common sense.

I never liked this definition for Taoism that people throw about. Common sense isn’t easy. Common sense is based on the lessons we learn in life. It changes relative to how society bounces a person around. Common sense only becomes “common” after so many people perform it. Then we parrot each other’s sensible actions. I would state common sense in 300 BC warring states China is going to have some different elements than sensible actions in the United States 2010.

Common sense represents the term we used to cover all the unwritten rules to navigate life in a better way. People use it as a measuring stick in validating their actions.

Common Sense

The way, Tao, isn’t directly common sense. Tao represents living as a motion of grace (Wu Wei). Grace is complicated, simple, and without words, as it is only definable in retrospect to towards one’s results that we can determine if something was graceful or not.

People strive to make common sense graceful.

common sense

So Tao represents our journey, and common sense is one of the tools we use to help make our journey more graceful.

Never confuse a tool within a practice to be what defines that practice. This happens quite often for students trying to define Taoism.

We can say in Taoism that our teachings will try and distill elements of good sense into our practice: patience, kindness, compassion. However, learning how to apply these elements and practicing them isn’t always very easy. This is especially true within cultures that suppress kindness, compassion, and patience. Both China and Western consumer culture currently actively suppress these ideals and attempt to subvert them for profit.

Understand the frustration in trying to define Taoism is very normal. Trying to make sense of Taoist teachings can be difficult. This is because the culture we live in makes it difficult or actively shuts down those who do teach or practice it successfully. Look at what happened to Martin Luther King as an example of how our modern society reacts to people teaching common sense truths.

Teaching kindness and compassion is a very difficult road in our culture and one often resisted by the larger system.

History and Common Sense

The questions about the nature of Taoism is an internal search to find one’s path that never is to be given but rather explored. We hope common sense will define the path. More to the point, it helps you stay on the path. The path itself can still be very hard to journey, even when using a walking stick of common sense to help.

Remember, common sense neither defines a path nor a destination. Rather it helps you to place steps ahead towards a better life. Good sense permits you to take care of yourself and others as you journey through life in a more wholesome manner: with kindness, compassion, and patience.

Much fortune to you in exploring life. Strive to be free and in power. Take the time to craft your journey rather than thinking the map ahead comes from outside your life or nature.

Explore Taoism

Live life kindly, gracefully, with modesty while embracing a colorful story to enjoy!

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