Commuting into your life.

Every day the world changes.

But in special times of history, society transforms into something that goes beyond the current imagination.

We are living in such a time. As you commute to work, read the papers, live an average life, you will be missing something more subtle, more sublime. Now flashing across the world as so many people are striving to live with the heart rather than just being a cog.

Open into awareness, and you can be fortunate enough to witness the world as it transforms.

Be active, and instead of merely witnessing changes, you will be part of the world as it evolves.

This picture might seem as a fantasy but working to the grind is just delusion.

When I shifted my awareness a decade ago, I was pretty amazed at what I saw unfolding. I was even more amazed at how much I could be part of the change.

Take some time off, break yourself out of habits and just explore.

You might be surprised at what is happening. Reality is something far greater than what we live to in an average manner. Tap in, explore, and see the real-world opening around us.

It’s all too easy to turn off your life and just grind ahead at work. Too many people commute away from their life rather than commuting into their life.


Even worse, all too many jobs will throw you away later in life, leaving you nothing. As responsible you are to your workplace, most modern work places only view you as a cog, to be replaced at their convenience. Don’t try to discover your worth after being thrown away.

Take the time to enjoy, explore, and work at being yourself.

It’s hard to live your life on your own terms. But isn’t your life, worth making your life?

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