Complications and Simplicity

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Why Make Life Complicated?

People like to make life complicated for many reasons.

Strangely for many, it’s about the challenge. People strive to make life interesting. Of course, then all the layers seem to get added, and then it seemingly becomes “too complicated” to have any simple answer. Also, it appears that much of this complication is out of our control.

It isn’t.

This is why the Taoist path is so effective, as you release, you discover what matters and in that the answers become simple again. I teach people how to remove layers of fear, delusion and false obligations…

What matters most is Acceptance and Kindness. Acceptance of many represents “faith,” but I prefer using the word “acceptance” as it avoids the religious overtones of “faith.” Faith is the act of ultimate acceptance, so faith rolls up into acceptance.

Kindness is the other half, as it represents our essence: to be kind is to live in your essence, and since we are “one” it also means to treat others as you would yourself.

Even the process of kindness and acceptance people make complicated, make it, so you have to be certified by others and add tonnes of bullshit loops of outside acceptance to validate oneself: how much bull is that if we are one?

Here is the answer I teach so many people:

A Taoist has a full and great life…
very simply as oneself.

It might seem cliche, but how many people truly live to their heart? Instead most rush to the beat of the job, of others, of obligations, of consumption, of expectation that must be met or else, of of of of…

Remember it is not “of” rather this is all already in your heart and just is about finding peace to the heart.

It isn’t always easy to find peace of heart, but it’s impossible to find peace of heart when rushing to always fulfill orders and desires of others before taking some time to be yourself first.


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Live life kindly, gracefully, with modesty while embracing a colorful story to enjoy!

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Thanks, Casey. I needed to read this today. Such simple lessons that we tend to forget (over and over again)…

You are welcomed.

Sometimes half the fun is forgetting so we can relearn something.

🙂 of course it can be a hassle at times also.

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