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Aloha! To support the Dragon community during this time of crisis, Julie and I have decided to do a Livestream each week.

This weeks topic is: What to expect over the next year. I also answer questions from our community members regarding the challenges of the year ahead.

Facing Our Times 1 hr Recording

No one is going to predict everything regarding how this all will play out in 2020. What I can stress is we need to use the challenges ahead to improve life and be proactive in reinforcing our communities.

I believe the events we are now living through represent a pivotal point for our society. Many people will hunker down and let others decide what will happen. Take a moment to consider, right now, how a single person can make a larger difference while everyone else sits stunned by events. Normal everyday citizens are being praised as real heroes. There are doctors, nurses and so many people risking their lives to help others. Yet, I’m not calling for us all to become heroes, it’s really a call to participate in life rather than only be a witness to the times.

We face a situation where the entire population of Earth is being isolated from each other. Consider that truth.  Then consider how can we build something to stay connected while we wait out the pandemic.

United we stand, divided we fall was a warning from long ago. Understand this isn’t a question of how to stand united but rather a challenge to resist falling apart.

This is a challenge I pose to each dragon and student I teach to consider. How do we stand together in such times?

Please ask additional questions. I will respond to them in a follow-up post.

More of this topic from our site: Changing World Handbook

Facing the Pandemic

It has been quite a year, and we are only in April.

The big challenge we face is the pandemic, but the pandemic is only part of the larger series of events we are facing. People have already forgotten the world-shattering fires in Australia from January 2020.

Julie and I used to work in public health, and we both worked in disease tracking.  So we have been watching everything since January. The simple truth is: this was going to happen, it was never a  question of “if” it happens, but when it happens. Well, now is the time it happened, and it’s for us as a world to cope with a pandemic.

We’ve made a family decision to spend March, April, and May in quarantine mode.  As we are learning from China, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, and Germany – self-isolation with proactive lifestyle changes is the best prevention. Starting at Spring Break, we dived into spending quality time at home playing games and in nature, wherever there are few people. Don’t be surprised if social distancing and quarantines last through mid-summer.

Instead of talking about the virus, let’s talk about how to face the lifestyle impacts of the pandemic.

How to Face Crisis

Julie and I made an active choice to change our lifestyle over 15 years to be ready for such an event.

During the last two weeks, we have been in overdrive, helping students rearrange and re-examine everything so they will be able to navigate the pandemic to a better place. It’s crucial to re-evaluate your situation and improve your lifestyle each month.  Instead of predicting how long this will last, modify your lifestyle to make the distance of a longer process. In this manner, you can handle short or long term issues that arise from the pandemic.

For historical comparison, the only event in the last 100 years that matches what we are seeing would be the Great Depression (which lasted ten years). So don’t underestimate the scope of what will happen ahead.

One truth of this pandemic is it will create holes and problems for us all to face. For many people, such problems derail life into a worse position. In our Taoist teachings, we use every problem to revise our life, get stronger, and then use the energy of the challenge to move and thrive on new tracks.

The simple truth is this: the pandemic will trigger great and permanent changes in the world. Those souls who don’t use the holes created by the pandemic to be creative and change will be left behind and not recover in their lifestyles. This is not about being opportunistic; it’s about evolving with the times.

The only way to face great change is to evolve and change yourself.

The troubling fact is during this decade; we will face multiple large scale events. So if we don’t use this time to evolve, each successive event will only hurt us more in life. If you feel stuck or need help, contact us. We do work on a sliding scale. Our work process is about using hard situations to help people transform in the face of challenges in life.

The simple bigger truth to be accepted is that we are facing more than just a pandemic. The whole experience is showing how we are witnessing a pivot point in human history. The next year will fundamentally change society on many different levels for every person on our planet.

Many governments resisted dealing with the virus until it was too late. The United States was a good example of what not to do in a pandemic.

social distancing

Crisis Indigestion

I discovered I felt overwhelmed by the events unfolding around the world.  It slowed me down, and I couldn’t focus on my work for a few days. I track events like this in-depth because I help people around the world solve problems they face, including crises like the current pandemic. I am used to processing bad news and hard situations. Yet the pandemic and crisis are so immense that it gave me crisis indigestion as I term it.

If you have indigestion in real life, you eat less. You also avoid the foods that your system cannot handle. Likewise, at some point, we have to limit how much news we take in, or it can create mental indigestion that seriously impacts our outlook in life.

I am seeing many people walking around in a daze, that daze is often crisis indigestion!

Solution: minimize media, more exercise & walks, pace myself a little slower. Try to play with others to shift your perspective in life. Remind oneself to continue to evolve and help create a structure to support kindness. In this manner, you can work against the overwhelming changes being presented to us in the pandemic.

Crisis Constipation

Even worse, a person can experience crisis constipation! This means you get stuck on old facts, ideas, or problems. It’s easy to overwatch the numbers of cases, or other news items, and in doing so, you can’t move on with your normal life.

Crisis constipation can be a problem if a person doesn’t release outdated facts or information. This can cause people to react from misinformation to changing conditions. I see people having crisis constipation over the idea that the COVID 19 virus is no worse than the flu. Based on early incomplete data, that seemed to be the case, but revised data since March shows the coronavirus in various ways to be worse than the flu. Another example is the idea that the virus only hits older people harder, while it can infect younger people with risk factors just as hard as older people.

If you find yourself saying the same thing over and over again, you might be dealing with crisis constipation. I had crisis constipation when I started writing this article a full month ago. There was simply too much to write about, and the data all jammed up at first. I didn’t want to focus only on the virus, but I could feel being stuck on the virus, repeating myself. So I stopped and worked on other projects instead. Then with time, I was able to change perspective and realized that crisis constipation is an issue when being overwhelmed by a crisis!

When politics meets pandemic, it seems to generate a whole load of crisis constipation. Be careful to double-check your judgments, politics, and personal beliefs relative to the reality in play. Unfortunately, many people will discover that the virus & economic realities care little for standing up for our beliefs or maintaining your old lifestyle.

I would wager that crisis constipation might be considered as a risk factor for increased infection rates.

You can use the teachings from the spiritual guidance section of this article as a spiritual laxative to help you move along in life. Also, minimize media, be proactive in exercise & pace oneself a little slower. Sometimes we need to change up our actions to get past what we feel stuck upon.

Health Tips

Pace Yourself!

I started feeling overwhelmed by my work backlog today, and I realized, we have been given a big kick to the arse to slow down and enjoy life right now.

The simple truth is the whole crisis is an overwhelming situation and does impact our energy levels. It’s easy to feel dampened down by fear, by the unknown, by issues being thrown into your path ahead.

Try to breathe out the malaise, confront anxiety, and use this as an opportunity to live better. Pushing yourself too hard as a way to get past the dampening of spirit can actually hurt you.

Ease your way through the times.

It’s another amazing day. Events have shut down the normal grind. To take full advantage of this slowdown to heal. You may view the shut down as a gift. Figure out how to experience life more fully with the shutdown and isolation. It’s time to be with yourself and pull your inner power and lifestyle together into something better.

Be inspired to improve your life today rather than work it away. Take the opportunity to enjoy living. When the restrictions end, you will then be ready to do amazing things. You may even do amazing things today!
So yep, I will be slowing down. It’s a reinvention time in so many ways; I encourage you to use it as such.

Pandemic Spiritual Guidance

Most of you, if not all, have felt the benefits of meditation, prayer and spiritual healing. And, we know when our body and mind are stressed, for extended periods of time, everything in life is less graceful.

So, it probably won’t be surprising to most of you that we recommend meditating, visualizing, praying and shamanic journeying at this time! Use your practices as prevention!

Emotions such as anxiety, fear and anger are more contagious than the virus!

Here are a few of our archived audios we’d recommend listening to:

Spiritual Light

Remember when we used to get shots of Immunoglobulin A before travel to boost our immune system?  Hopefully some of you do! I certainly got several in my 20s!

Well, it turns out that psychological stress can lower the natural immune response. Both natural and specific immunity are negatively impacted by chronic stressors like unemployment or living with a handicap.

Immunoglobulin A is your bodies primary antibody defense against bacteria and viruses in the mucous membranes. When you’re fearful, frustrated and impatient your body goes into flight or fight mode and shifts down the immune system response, reducing your immunoglobulin availability.

Here’s a short video and study talking about this:

Please continue your spiritual practices as an integrated approach for body-mind-spirit health!

Here is a series of meditation videos from one of our students.

Other Lessons to Help

We can see many lessons that are important for us from the outbreak.

1) Don’t fully disconnect. In a panic, people are going to isolate themselves further, and that isolationism can hurt us later. Yes, be smart; work from home if possible, create space. Yet we have to be careful that this doesn’t destroy our communities in life. Stay connected with phone calls, internet, and texting, share resources if a friend needs help. We are reaching out more now because this is a time to reinforce the community in new ways also! United we stand divided we fall, this is most especially true now as we form young new communities with each other. In response, Julie and I will ramp up our community work here to help ramp up our connections with each other.

2) Continue to simplify lifestyles. The economic fallout shows the weakness of the system we live in. We will see shortages and interruptions of services we took for granted in life.  None of this is new, Julie and I have have been teaching and getting students ready for this over the last decade. This is just a wake-up call for many people showing the weakness of the current global economy. Don’t overreact but simplify your lifestyle in simple ways to further reduce your dependencies on an overextended economy.

3) Invest in yourself. The stock market crash is a reflection of the already weakened state of the economy that the virus is exposing. It is going to continue to correct downward for a while now. The one thing you can invest in which give you 100% returns is you, your family, and community. Don’t overreact financially, but re-balance your finances towards your life, not what the talking heads are saying. In times like this, the system is heavily rigged against us, the average person. The system is geared for the rich to profit take at the expense of the poor. So if you react in the manner being posted in the mainstream news, it will come at your expense. Be smart, patient, and re-balance your finances. This is a deeper do-over of 2007 -2008. It’s a re-balancing point in the economy. One of many ahead in this decade. So this is a time to position oneself to better weather the future.

Ask yourself what you would do differently if you were back in 2007 and use the lessons from 2007 to help you now.

4) Don’t panic. Watch and learn from this. Use it to refine your life. Julie and I refined our life after the 2007 experience to better our lifestyle. We are doing the same thing now, refining our health practices and improving our community connections. There isn’t a road map; rather, it’s a time to experiment and try new steps, to improve.

Relax not panic, learn and revise, rather than turtle up and constrict your options.

Please share any information you think will be helpful in the comments!

Good Health to you All!!

Big Love from Big Island,

Julie & Casey

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I am intrigued by your quote: The simple truth is: this was going to happen, it was never a question of “if” it happens, but when it happens. Well, now is the time it happened, and it’s for us as a world to cope with a pandemic.”. How did you know for sure this was going to happen? Why would you want to be sure that a pandemic would happen? I watched your video about hope, faith, belief, and manifestation. It sounds to me that before the pandemic, you were living in hope with faith, and manifesting the pandemic? This sounds… Read more »

Thanks Casey !

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