Delusion and Reality

I was asked this question a month or two ago.

How do you tell delusion from reality

Here is a definition (one of many) for delusion:

Delusion is rooted within the ego’s thinking we are separate from the universe and then to “project” a revised perception based only upon a story.

Delusion can often arise out of the active projection of the ego, creating a false illusion of what reality is. So often times Narcissists are also delusional since they can only see the world thru a reflection of themselves.



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How to tell the difference between delusion and reality.

1) Use the third eye and cross-check the information at hand.

Interestingly when using the third eye: delusions have no connective substance.

2) Since delusions are false stories. The more we need a false story for validation, the more a person will hold onto their delusions. Delusions will always feel more real, the more they validate a person’s self-worth.

3) It is a trap to think someone else is delusional only because their stories don’t match your own stories. People often hold their stories as truth, not realizing that their personal world view is a complicated story in itself.

Delusional people will always push off their delusion as someone else being delusional (in other words not accept any facts from the other person’s story.

4) Being human, we need stories to survive. A person will fight to keep their delusions because they need the story. So when helping a person release a delusion, you have to take time to help craft a new set of stories to replace the delusions. Otherwise, the delusions will come back to fill in the void of missing stories.

5) You cannot just use logic to remove delusion since emotions will hold onto old stories. You have to work with a person, both emotionally and logically.  It can take 3 months to shift and lighten a person’s emotional ties to their delusions and then only later you can use logic to help craft new stories. When delusions are rooted in trauma or survival stories, then the process takes longer. Sometimes delusions can come from mental illness which then requires professional medical help to work through.

6) Not all delusions come from mental illness! Life experiences, and how we have been trained to hold family or social stories can inject delusions into a person. These injected delusions can be very hard to remove since they can serve as that person’s life foundation.

7) Some delusions can come from misperceptions in our senses. Learning meditation is a powerful tool for expanding your awareness and fine-tuning your senses. Meditation is a powerful tool in seeing through delusions.

You can determine a delusion when it is something that cannot be validated across multiple senses or axes of validation. Secondly, delusions will contain no valid extra information that allows a person to go outside their field of view. Since delusions are generated internally to a story, they contain no additional information that goes outside the story they are generated within.

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