The Discipline of Wild & Free

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What is Freedom?

Freedom is a wild river flowing…

Discipline of Wild Water

Wait, is a river really free?

In daily life, freedom is often a matter of perspective.  For example, a river is constrained by its banks.  And, we know it will end up in the ocean.

Maybe freedom has to do with being wild.  What is Wild?

Google’s definition of Wild is:

“Living or growing in the natural environment…uncontrolled or unrestrained…”

Wild is a part of freedom.  A river is naturally restrained by its banks, however, it can shape these over time. A wild river will overflow its banks and discover new courses and paths to follow.  Human made restraints such as dams remove this wildness.

Google’s definition of Freedom is:

“the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.”

We do need power to be free.  Many of us have had our power taken from us or have given our power away so we are not free.  Part of growing spiritually to be a whole person, is taking back and building our power back up.

Freedom is how you move through the journey, not necessarily the destination.

Freedom includes the power to pursue creative thoughts and transform destructive thoughts.

Freedom takes discipline.



What is Discipline?

The Mighty Google defines discipline as:

“The practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience.”

Something about this definition seems wrong.  Discipline in a democracy is not training people to obey rules and punishing the dissenters.  That sounds more like a dictatorship.

Discipline can be both internal and external. External discipline can limit personal freedom for the sake of social order (and personal freedom).

The responsibility that comes with external discipline is to educate people about the social rules, like stopping at a stop sign, because that way we can all get to where we need to go without hurting each other.  Democratic societies educate people about what the consequences may be if they don’t stop at a stop sign.  For example, they may get in an accident and they may get a ticket.  Each person then has the freedom to choose how to act at stop signs.

Internal discipline is called self-discipline and this discipline is the golden key to personal power and freedom.

Freedom hinges on discipline.  If we don’t have the self-discipline to stop at a stop sign then we may endanger our self, others and receive a ticket.  Self-discipline allows us to balance out our feelings, thoughts and actions.  We become a person who feels positive feelings, thinks positive thoughts and acts in a positive way more and more.

In this way, we can truly experience freedom.

Freedom to express our wild heart.

Freedom to follow our own two feet and dance our own wild & free dance.

Five Key Ingredients to Living a Wild & Free Life!

  1. Know your Essence
  2. Have a Daily Meditation Practice you Love
  3. Visualize yourself meeting three of your goals for 5 minutes each day
  4. Conserve & Focus your Energy! Let go of the lists and stop overextending yourself!
  5. Undertake Spiritual Healing from a Body-Heart-Mind approach
Discipline of Wild Water
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