Father’s Day

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It’s Father’s day this weekend.

Dad passed away many years ago now. He was a doctor and taught me

  • How to be a healer
  • To be funny.
  • How to play chess

Here is to you dad I love you, and you are still in my heart every day.

With so many people we know passing away of late, I send condolences to all who have lost a loved one recently.

Be strong, and remember those who passed away by keeping them in your heart in these trying times.

Much Love


I’m sharing this poem, for the passing of a loved one.

Death’s Gate

By Casey 2008

No words cover the experience.
No time undoes the feeling.
In love having fullness.
Only to be left releasing:
A shovel, a handful of dirt and …
the hole left behind.

In love, in sharing: becoming angels.
Living itself: is the wing beat of being an angel.
Even when forced to face death
Coming down to find the ground.

No words fulfill this hole.
Not enough dirt hide the remains,
within the mind, memory, and visions
which as if alive
continue to play out.

In peace
I wish you peace
to say in oneness
Death is a reflection
Looking back from the depths
towards the light
where we all are one.

This is truth
The reason no words work
in that Death is the merging,
Becoming alight
with the Tao.

Death of a Loved One

Dr. Kochmer, My father from the 1960’s.
He handmade the library behind him and would woodcraft many things around the home.
He was the last generation of the old fashion country doctors.
Miss you Dad, You are always alive in my heart!


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