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My laptop motherboard fried out today. Sizzled and crackled, burnt out and done. It will be 3 to 6 days before the parts come in and it’s replaced. As a result, I’m on a bit of a vacation from writing and electronic pondering.

Two Life Flow Lessons from Today.

Lesson One: Listenmirco meditation

When the universe says take a break, then it’s time to go surf. Life is the beach if you live it like this, or it’s work if you make it such also.

I don’t view what I do as work; I just live and fully enjoy my life. Yes, even the crazy parts if I am hectic working on many things. Yes, also the simple laying down times to enjoy sun and surf or waterfalls.

Taoist’s are a strange combination of hard workers and lazy flow with the day’s chaos type of person. In other words, it’s always flowing to the pace of our life. What that appears to be to others will wildly change depending on their perspective. But to me, it’s always my life, and I enjoy it at all paces equally as much.

  • Whatever I get done will always be enough.

In some things this ends up being a whole load of work; at other times it just means a day spent sunning. But never forget to listen to life around you, to move at the pace of what is happening around you. To not get too far ahead of the crest of the wave, the potential of your own life, so you don’t shatter by forcing your life to go a bit too far out of true essence.

If things are breaking around you, then slow down (before you end up breaking also). Pretty simple isn’t it. If you are aware, the universe always reveals a good pace to follow. Listen to life and what happens around you to move accordingly. To some, this may sound like following omens. In reality, it’s just accepting events happening around you and to understand how we are all interconnected to what is happening around us.

As a result, I know right now, this week is a good week to take it a bit slower 🙂

Lesson Two – The Dance of Chaos and Order

DanceLife isn’t about always being smooth, nor is it always about having everything be perfect. When in the middle of chaos at times it is best just go with it and do what you can just to be in the chaos itself.

The last month has been difficult. Now many people would think at times when everything gets hard, as a Taoist Teacher I would say to strive towards balance, to actively hum towards harmony with inner peace.

Ironically, no. Not always.

At times part of the life’s flow needs to let everything go chaotic. It’s important at times to let your life get pulled and teased apart: to fall, trip and be pushed about. To also push back similarly to chaos.

Since life is a balance of chaos and order, we need both to truly be alive.

  • To always strive for order is to limit oneself.
  • To always live in chaos is to erode oneself.
  • Let the chaos erode the order away in your life and not erode your inner nature.
  • Let the order in your life define chaos towards building new options

This may not make sense to everyone, but then again to practice Taoism:

Is to open up to the undefinable quirks of life also.

This means to go outside a person’s ordinarily well-defined practices or ways. Life is a balance of Chaos and Order. How a person dances to the mix of each, is an important part of Taoist practice.

This means knowing and discovering many different forms of dance. To take Chaos and Order both into our lives in a manner that supplements and ultimately adds grace to our life. The mix of doing so isn’t always intuitive and losing one’s center in the chaos can be as important as holding onto the order of predictability and stability.

Much peace in your dance!

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"What ever I get done is always enough…"

Was my mantra to survive hell projects and work situations in this always on culture.

It works very well 🙂 provided a person doesn't measure their value to expectations

sierra echo charlie

I love this line…

"What ever I get done is always enough…"

Great reflection to take action on — or rather not. Either way its a tonic for the always on culture I seem to be stuck in. Thanks!

jr cline


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