Leaping and Flying

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I love flying fish. Think about it! A fish that can leap to the sky and perform a highly controlled glide.

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Flying fish hunt - The Hunt: Episode 4 preview - BBC One
Flying fish hunt - The Hunt: Episode 4 preview - BBC One - youtube Video

But here is the lesson.

Flying beyond your issues might seem like a solution.

Many times it isn’t.

In striving to fly, in trying to avoid your problems, be careful:

Often times your issues will chase you down.
Even worse another issue may come out of the blue to eat you.

Have a backup plan when you flee, fly, or need to run away from your problems.

In life, we are always a student. We must learn and pace our lifestyles. If possible, take time and learn before you do fly. Don’t be afraid to fly either. (For example:  if the flying fish hesitates even a half second, it would have been eaten.) Let’s not be afraid to accept that many times we do need to leap to flight. The only way to escape abuse, for example, is to fly far away from your abuser. So I am not saying don’t fly, I am saying be aware, use modesty to protect yourself.  Don’t let hope be the only tool you use in flying. Hope blunts down awareness.

We can prep and reduce the problems before leaping. Then after leaping, you need to keep your wits and have a deep awareness to navigate the challenges of flight. Finally, as you fly, pay attention to how you land and where you land. All too many people flee their problems only to land in places that have the same problems as to where they started from.

I do teach people how to fly with grace in life. I never expected to be a spiritual flight instructor. Flying is a nice dream but a hard reality to work towards. Don’t forget the modesty and the pre-trip planning so you can make the distance when flying.

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