Letting Go Now


Feel your life for a moment.
Are you ready to feel like this?


Look around at all the tension, all the people being polarized trying to be right. No one screaming their “right” is right at all.

This is a sign of the times, of the change before the storms.

The lesson from Taoism is this: It’s best to let go of the shit long before it hits the fan.

*** Think about it. ***

Instead of gearing up for a fight, for the end, for the “oh shit” moments…

Let go, take a moment to rest in the sun, take some time to improve your life, give some love to those you *love*.  To actually live a better life.

–( To be a true agent of change is to let go. )–

Letting go can be far more simple if you do it early in the process it’s then called a personal transformation. If you do it late, it’s called a crisis.

Seems to me transformation directed by living gracefully is a lot more fun than being kicked to the curb in crisis. Yes, you might have to kick it up a notch in change, but it also means you won’t be the one getting your ass kicked either.

A final note, this conversation has two levels of meaning. Personal change and social change. The two processes reflect each other.

*** In terms of Social Change:***

Letting go in a personal release doesn’t mean to walk away from standing up to improve life around you.

Letting go also means when releasing personally to then in reflection Socially to:

  1. Don’t get tricked into someone else’s fight.
  2. Don’t wait till after you lose your freedom.
  3. Don’t wait until the conflict has started.
    (the time to start is long before the fight)
  4. When fighting against oppression still remember !!Respect!! Otherwise, the response will be to kick you straight to the curb.
  5. When fighting against abuse, release it internally 100% first and use Humor and Public Sharing to counteract it.
  6. Release rhetoric instead respond in clear communication and kindness.

Letting Go Works.

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Hello Casey, thanks for you answer, needed some time to digest it but I think I understand what you say. In my own words: I was clinging to things/ideas ( I cant find a good english word, maybe convictions is what I mean) that, at that time, seemed all important to me. But these things are, as I know now, not in accordance with who I really am. Because of the feelings of anxiety to let go of that clinging, I felt that I couldn’t change ( which was true in that moment) But because I did let go of… Read more »


Hi Casey, still a nice site 😉 sampling through the pages. But even though most of the above rings true. I think, for some people the path through a crisis simply is their path. They need that path to come to personal transformation. It feels that way for me, now that the crisis seems to be almost past, it feels like.. it couldn’t have been otherwise, this was what I needed to do and experience to find those strange and fleeting moments of personal transformation. I suppose it is not for us to be (wholly) able tot choose the path… Read more »

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