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Happy New Year - Every Day!
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Happy New Year Blessing

Blessings for 2018 ahead! Or 2019 or the current year you are reading this within.

Every day is the start of a new year! Day by day, we change and work to improve our lives.

Try not to be overwhelmed by the challenges up ahead. One day at a time, tackle and invest in your steps to improve life. I look forward to the year ahead. It isn’t going to be a smooth year or a better year. If anything each year ahead will present more complicated problems.

I welcome every new year because the new year is a time people pause to consider options. It’s one of few times westerners pause to reflect.

New Year

New Year Resolutions

New Year was the one holiday my family would celebrate with the most heart. The other holidays were just marks on the calendar, but the new year was the holiday to let loose the old and refresh one’s life.

The power of a new year is the offer of a fresh start, new options and a chance to begin new stories.  New Year is the closest to a Taoist holiday we get in the western world. On this day we are encouraged to dream and step closer towards our nature. I also suppose that’s why so many new year resolutions fail: all too many people make resolutions that try to escape stories that are more powerful in defining them than they realize. The resolution might be a good one, but people often have more than one story tripping them up.

If a person desire to make a new year resolution that succeeds, I suspect you have to word it in such a manner, so it works with your stories rather than against them.

I will make only one resolution, I know I can keep since it can’t be stopped by any of my current stories. To send everyone, I know a smile


Every New Year is The Same

New Year comes rolling in upon celebrations for a fresh start. Then it happens again. On the day after New Years, the world is still here. And yes: it’s the same world as yesterday. You’re again living in repeats as you get the repeat of yesterday’s problems because you drag the old stories with you into the new day. Almost everyone does this.

It isn’t about the day after. The day after is always about the cleanup and so few people want to clean up.

The time to start a new story isn’t tomorrow. It’s today.

Who are you? What new story, what way of holding yourself are you ready to embrace, so it is no longer about the past?

In the end, you have a simple choice. What actions will you take to grow? Understand that simply repeating how you live day to day only keeps the past moving into the future like a train wreck.

Look to your feet, ask them: where should we go? Look at your hands and ask them: what do I want to make? What action do you want to make real? Then let your feet be free so that they can walk you into a growing life again. Then power your hands to create something new.  It’s hard work, and you must push into the new day, or you only get a repeat of yesterday, yesteryear or wotever you were stuck within.

New Year Every DayA New Year Every Day

People love the new year; we use the new year to symbolize a fresh start.

Why limit it to once a year?

Every day is a start of a new year, a start of a new life, Every day.

Most people are unsuccessful at their new year resolutions because they don’t release their old crap.

Humans love to hold onto every memory, all the pains, the full story they already experienced in the past. Because of this people get stuck in living the same story every day, every year: to only live a single lifetime over a single lifeline.

No, if you want to live many lives, to discover many aspects of who you can be, you also have to be willing to change. This shifting also means to allow old memories to fade.

I am not saying you have to throw away everything. If you want to live a new life, then try living a new life every day, rather than every year.

Let me explain: To live a whole new year, you have to release an entire year of the past to make room for a new life. Most people can’t let go of that much crap at once. It’s too big a chunk at once to release.

If you live a new year every day, you only have to release one day to make room for your new life today. Most people can release a day of memories or a smaller bad problem. Not throwing away too many bad days at once (since otherwise then you will repeat them for balance, that also gets old fast). You have to discover grace and style since as people we always need an edge of challenge and an edge of mistakes to define ourselves to uniquely. But each day we can live a new life, to be a new person.

Provided we release a little of the old person, that we no longer need to be.

Happy new year. I hope over this next year; you discover 365 years of a new life. It’s one reason in Taoist practice we age so well 😉 We are already ancient while still being young with a lifestyle like this. When done with style, It’s become a life that contains the best of all worlds, of all potentials of what we can become!

A New Year of Great Change

  • In this new year, many people might feel overwhelmed from all the political, social and environmental changes our world is going through.

Taoist Teachings show that we are always changing. Times of change, are also the most powerful times to be alive: since we can use the energy of the times to help make any possibility to be true. (not just the negative ones). So this is a time to flip everything around and make the world truly a new place: a place that will embrace both good and bad to be something new!

The very fact the world is changing so much, adds more energy into the possibilities of our own lives, to make a difference!

This not a time to give in to fear, but its time to live to your potential and express outward to your nature. The year ahead is what we make it be, so make it a great year, one step at a time.

So in a time of new year resolutions remember to embrace the moment and to embrace what you desire to be as true, in this, we can make a difference, and a difference will be of a better world if that is where you step towards.

Each moment is a new time to move onward with the possibilities of our life.

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Live life kindly, gracefully, with modesty while embracing a colorful story to enjoy!

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Jenny L.

Hi Casey! It’s so wonderful to hear your voice and teaching. Happy New Year to you too.


Thank you. The idea of pushing is something that I am still learning, that “it’s okay to push” – action. For a long time I was caught in thinking that inaction and passivity was what was necessary. I am learning that this is only one side of balance with the self and the way with action in the world/society.

Jane Alexandra

Thank you for your words. It is true that each day is a new beginning and it was helpful to be reminded of that. I am also aware that the year will bring a mixture of highs and lows for all of us and it is impossible to predict what these will be. As Ronan Keating so eloquently sung ‘life is a rollercoaster’. I am putting on my seatbelt in anticipation of the ride!

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