Our Taoist Life

Some wonder what my temple is like. I converted a sun room to be the start of our Taoist temple.

I sit here next to a small glass table with my laptop, seated on a yoga ball. I start my working day here around 6 ish to see who has called or emailed for help.

At my left foot, the chickens usually sleep or are busily catching what they may.

To my right, a once stray cat adopted us, He has earned the name Bodi Zen Rose Flower. He sleeps in a wicker basket next to me.

The wind and breeze come in from the screen, and this is where I let my essence stray as I type away.

Our life is the temple, When living fully: life responds: to the point that chickens, cats, geckos, students, and others you will love, come, help out and join into fill space which in turn truly creates a temple: by living openly and fully to spirit.

Temple isn’t place alone, it’s life embraced: reflecting to show one how to become full and capable of accepting wholeness.

When needing to dip into spirit:  find a tree, a place to sit, to hold time as a gift: to just be present.

In kindness, I practice Taoism and help others. Take a moment, be kind to yourself, connect to life by being alive. This is Taoism, and it isn’t more complicated than living your life with acceptance.


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Live life kindly, gracefully, with modesty while embracing a colorful story to enjoy!

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