Pain and Empathy

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Our times circle around, which side of bullets and greed do you fall within?

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It’s  one of those days where my empathy comes close to paralyzing me. Waves of each emotion trips at one to stall.

Fight The Pain


The challenge of empathy is being patient enough for others to connect into their own experience of empathy. Part of empathy is to gently support others when the experience kicks them down to their knees to the curb. So they too can turn the darkness to kindness.

It isn’t for one person to solve all problems, one person can push in simple acts in kindness. Then as we come together, then to work together, it is for us – together- to create the bigger answers. Empathy tries to fool you it’s all on your shoulders and it isn’t. The times require patience also so we can come together to work together. People are still too divided and separated from each other in the United States. So empathy requires us to be patient as we continue build up local community and networks.

So I stand again now, out of the darker pits empathy can create, to push back to helping others in kindness.

Each day I do this. It doesn’t get old; it revitalizes me.

I retired from the corporate world five years ago. I made a personal promise to myself to strive in small ways to improve our world. Each day to live simply and kindly as I can. We all will have hard days. For me, I have learned to use it as fuel to push again. Just don’t push so hard that you hurt yourself or cut yourself down from striving in kindness.

Let’s start living our lives well. Let’s imagine new answers for the new world ahead. As dark, as much at times the pain overwhelms, use that to spin life back around with Spiritual Jiu-jitsu. It’s the only answer that resolves the pain you feel in the heart as the times tear us apart.

One step at a time, building a better world, to spite the greed, the deflect the bullets, to live gracefully and in kindness.

In her book, The Art of Empathy Karla McLaren gives us ways to expand our empathy as a key life skill for our times.

Hiding From Our Empathy

Empathy is a two-way street. It also shows us the dark side of humanity. Some people will shut down their empathy because it brings them too much pain. But we need our empathy. We cannot shut it down just because it can also hurt. To avoid your empathy is to avoid your own problems. Yes at times empathy will reveal aspects of your nature that you don’t want to accept.

We are human… and that includes the darkness as much as the light. To be unable to view human nature in action, to hide it away… conversely means hiding parts of your own soul. This hinders personal peace and acceptance by allowing personal faults to remain hidden and internal.

If we are to make a difference: it’s by being open enough to accept the bad even when seen in the reflection of others, to then reach out and up to make a difference.

So, yes, you will feel despair at times. While you may be careful in how you see people at their worse, don’t let the challenges stop you with empathy. Push gently again, towards your simple steps and living kindly. The darker sides of empathy can give you insights in compassion over time as you practice expanding your empathy.

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Greg Hinds

Hello Casey & Julie, It’s been awhile. Dropped in through one of your open windows this morning to wonder here for a moment again. The magic is still here, and that is really good to find. These are trying times. I’ve too often and too consistently found myself filled with rage, given to anger and wanting to scream in a certain type of persons face, to loose my inner demon destroy them. Your words come to me in these moments, this is the trap of judgement. That inner demon can destroy, yes. But it destroys me faster than it does… Read more »

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