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I have been silent for the last few weeks. Words were not flowing within my heart. Rather I was watching the world move around me. I was using silence to help myself catch up with all the little things that got out of sync in a busy schedule.

Silence doesn’t have to be passive.

I have spent moments of silence with you many times. Once watching a morning unfold, other times when I was within pause.

Silence can be shared to make it more powerful.

I have been silent to extend my awareness and to expand out my day to day life so I could strengthen myself for the future ahead.

At times silence is required to better frame out our words and our actions.

The challenge is this: we are living within times that push us to speak aloud, to stand true in our voices. So being silent feels off. However, if all I did were to shout, to scream out my voice, it would be lost.

But to only be silent would be to lose my voice and participation in helping improve our world.

I know I am not the only one who has been wrestling with this contradiction of wanting to be within silence but also standing up to speak and act more.

You have permission to use silence. Silence is a powerful place to be within. But also remember not to lose your power within a prolonged silence. Learn to frame silence with precise actions and words true to your nature. Silence can’t stand alone.

For fun, I will give you two choices ahead:

A silence framed with acoustic edges or a hard rock frame. Choose the one that matches to your nature and then run with it.

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Enjoy the Silence
Enjoy the Silence - youtube Video

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Enjoy the Silence
Enjoy the Silence - youtube Video

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