The Art Of Speaking Up For Power


Taoism teaches a person to be in their power and how to shape stories.

No story is perfect, so as we live, it is up to us to polish and improve upon our stories.

At times it is for us to help others reinforce their own story.

Currently, BLM (Black Lives Matter), and the Me Too movements are rising to help people find their power.

Adding my voice isn’t the key to helping another person find their power. Instead, I will back them up with my support to help them find their voice and resist oppression.

We are seeing attacks on minorities and women to disrupt their process of empowerment.

Movements such as all lives matter, have a good goal, support everyone equally, but in implementation is designed to take away power from those who only have minimal or no power.


Yes, all lives do matter, but let’s focus on the most prominent problems first. You don’t fix a broken car by saying all cars are good!

All lives matter is like a football coach telling his players all sports & games are equally important, so let’s practice checkers rather than focus on the football game.

So what we are seeing are people in power who fear losing control are attacking both women and minorities right now. Don’t be distracted by anything undercutting you right now.  Keep your eyes on the prize: liberation from abuse.

All Lives MatterBe strong for the summer ahead; this is your time more than ever to help the world become a better place.

For some of us, it means helping others find their voice.

For some of us, it means finding a voice.

For those finding power, you have the additional difficult challenge of learning how to share your voices as women and minorities to reject systematic abuse.

It will take us as a choir to come together and amplify each other.

We don’t have to sing louder to be heard; at first, it’s about the encouragement and practice just to sing at all.

Regarding the current situation in the United States, I will share Trevor Noah’s voice.

You have the power to help change the world now more than ever.

While dominoes fall, We don’t have to stop building a new social contract between each other with being kind as the language in our new social contracts.

For those of us who have power, our challenge isn’t to speak up, but to help in the crafting of a more balanced social contract.

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Live life kindly, gracefully, with modesty while embracing a colorful story to enjoy!

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Well targeted. Liberation from abuse – some is self-abuse – but frees my voice all the same. Practicing singing, seeking my choir.

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