Spirit, Suffering and Growing

Awareness of Suffering

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Waking up spiritually is all about connections. Once we begin to connect to the larger world, we discover both beauty and problems to embrace.


As a person becomes more deeply aware of others, they also truly begin to witness suffering. Spiritually experiencing the suffering of others creates a challenge for us all. In an open heart connection to pain from another we also experience that pain. Once you truly connect to suffering, the pain often pushes a person to resolve the hurt.

Several standard responses arise from this feeling of suffering: Compassion, Denial, Anger, and Flight.

  • Embracing Compassion helps us heal the problem.
  • Reinforcing Denial walls off a person’s heart from the connection to pain.
  • Lashing out in Anger tries to destroy the source of the problem.
  • Running away in Flight tries to move away from the problem.

The Compassionate Response

In helping others, we discover how to release our actions that create or promote personal suffering. In helping others, we must also learn how to work with the flow of awakening. To have compassion in how we help others connect to the larger world.

One response for people early in their spiritual process is to become healers or reformers. To help others before they suffer. This makes sense as the time to change and help others is early on in their problems. But then you will discover this isn’t necessarily true. You hit the next roadblock in spiritual awakening: denial.

As a perfect example look at our world today. Examine the way people resist changing their lifestyles when changing a lifestyle would be an obvious and seemingly simple solution to the global problems unfolding. Despite so many people now beginning to wake up spiritually, true change always seems to be just out of our reach. The reason why is the larger resistance of denial coming out from society. This is something that can be solved, but in a slower manner and with lots of patience to shift social habits.  Also be aware that to force healing upon another actually can harm a person and create more suffering.

The Denial Response

Waking up spiritually can be a painful process. All the extra connections tends to overwhelm and show a person too much at first. In fact it’s painful enough to keep people asleep in their life. So predictably that people hide in comfort, reside in monotone stories to prevent connection to the larger world. So you discover as you work to connect people to the truth, they will resist it, simply because they don’t want to suffer from the truth.

Going Beyond Our Natural Responses

Buddhism will teach to primarily release. Taoism goes a step beyond release as the only answer. Suffering isn’t bad nor good, rather in addition to the release response we can grow against suffering!

Don’t be afraid to grow, don’t run away from suffering, learn from it, help others, help yourself and find graceful answers. Where graceful answers are the ones that improve potential and lives around you. As a lifestyle grace opens up so much more than just running away from everything.

Lets Flip Suffering Around

Ponder this Question

What challenge pulls at your heart today?

Myself as example for today.

My challenge today is age. Feeling old, old, old, dust old, sleeping aeons old. I could easily marinate and suffer from this state of mind.

Now ponder a next question

What joys lift you to your feet?

I answer and laugh at myself. Reminding myself how truly young I am: silly and young and that brings joy.

I never said you had to only focus on one question.

If you only focus on suffering all you will do is suffer.

Suffering is actually a dualistic experience. The flip side to suffering is Joy.

Let your challenge also be a path towards joy. The two are often connected my friends. In this you can learn to turn around suffering to joy.

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