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My Taoist son tells me that a Taoist would not get upset with current events and political paradigms. That we should be happy with what is naturally happening; that a Taoist finds joy in what is; that outer does not determine and drive the inner; that judgment does not have a place in the mental, spiritual, emotional landscape of a Taoist. Is he right?

The quick answer is yes, but a 70% – 80% yes. There is more to the answer than meets the eye. You can say the above answer would be the Yin half of a Taoist answer, but there is still a Yang half of an answer too. I would also replace the word happy with acceptance and the word joy to be grace and then simplify his statement down to this:

A Taoist would not get upset with current events and political paradigms. A Taoist accepts what is naturally happening and then finds a graceful path to promote Kindness relative to the times. That the outer does not determine and drive the inner; that judgment does not have a place in the mental, spiritual, emotional landscape of a Taoist.

The answer is spot on regarding judgment statement. A Taoist does not judge what is outside of their life since it limits how freely they can live to kindness.

The yang half of the Taoist response is the following

A Taoist is still very much alive, our actions do define life, while we flow with actions to increase our potential, we can still choose how to live our life and always to embrace it fully, no matter what is happening around us. The guiding light in how we act, is based on kindness, to be true to our essence and the essence of others around us.

If current events and political paradigms are unkind if they actively diminish a person, if a person, in their nature decides that it’s proper to resist or shift such changes: then it’s acceptable to actively work to make a difference and improve the situation in a way they find heart-full. A Taoist would never be upset, (but we are human and accept when we get upset also, but do our best not to let that taint our actions without grace) rather they would take actions in life to counterbalance and improve the situation.

Granted the actions a Taoist might take might not seem to be very impressive at first since by default Taoists do minimize actions to maximize flexibility which then leads to an easier path to counter react in a more positive manner. So Taoist actions would generally be considered more subtle. But it is a case by case situation. Also, a Taoist would not directly fight negative energy unless no choice existed, as usually a head-on approach is a waste of energy and typically reinforces the negative aspects of the events. Rather a Taoist would shift negative events towards positive outcomes to cause less harm.

Finally, a Taoist tends to take very long-term views on things, so our actions generally have started long before others have acted and continue subtly over time to shift the balance of events in a manner to help others.

The truth is that even in times of negative potential such as what many consider now to be, it’s always possible to flip events and actions into positive outcomes. In fact, negative times often make it easier for a person with less effort to help more people. We shouldn’t encourage bad times, but rather when in bad times, it’s possible to help things move along to be more kind and find better results for yourself and those who are connected to you.

A Taoist wouldn’t consider the times to be bad, nor good. But rather understands we are living in times of great potential. Instead of being trapped to think only negative outcomes are possible, A Taoist would know many positive outcomes are available and would act and live in a manner to embrace potentials that best fit to promote kindness.

This circles back around to judgment. If a person judges these times to be negative, then on average a person also limits how they move within the potentials towards negative outcomes, to reinforce the larger “negative” trends. If a person understands the times to be of great potential, then it becomes easier to encourage Kind outcomes to help the essence of all move in a more graceful manner.

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Bravo, you nailed it; thank you my friend my shedding light on this issue.


Thank for this very interesting post on the Daoist view of today's world. I especially like how you see both the Yin and Yang in the position you can take.

I reposted this on my facebook wall.


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