The Fine Line

I picked up an older hitchhiker today.

She was sweet but broken. She mumbled a whole life story in 15 minutes to me. She was and is a ghost, a shade of her memories and reflections. She looked at me for a moment, and in her eyes, I saw a glittering of spirit, but then it faded back to whispers of older stories. It was like having the wind in the car; her conversation muted echoes of her breath.

I dropped her off at the cafe she requested. We exchanged kindness in a smile and went on our ways.

The line between being fully present in one’s life or being disconnected, broken, and lost in memory is a very fine one. It doesn’t take much to shatter a person. Yes, we are amazing beings, capable of becoming so much. But the flip side, we are always merely a few steps away from being broken ourselves. Every person contains their cracks and edges, which as surely as they can help you climb to great heights, can also take you down in a single heartbeat.

I have walked with many many ghosts working with people on the streets over the years. It has given me a greater appreciation for the complexity of paths we can get lost within.

The point is to accept and understand both our greatness and fragility both, to stay balanced within one’s essence fully and not lose oneself.

Its all too easy to get lost to become a ghost in your past experiences achievements.

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Hurray!!! You’re a dork, too! 😉

Maybe this is why ghosts wail and look so gray…I would, too, if I could not indulge in chocolates or Chinese food!


wonderful, wonderful post! The comparison to ghosts is elegant in its wistful sadness.
Floating aimlessly, without control, trapped in a gray, lifeless limbo….yes, I have vacationed there many, many times. Lousy room service, no mini bar.
It is embarrassing to admit how long it takes me to find the front door, turn the knob, and step back out into the sunshine; more embarrassing to admit I keep finding myself floating with the other lost souls.

from responses and other conversations I have had, it is clear that it is possible to become many different types of ghost…

but all in all to be present now… is a defining state of of our very nature. To embrace and enjoy fully lest we lose our perspective of who we are… since it is all too easy to go far afield and not necessarily know we have drifted from solid form to ghost.


Thanks, being new to the single dad scene, and having some frustrating evenings with a 3,4,5and 11 year old, this has shown me the importance of the small window of time we have each day and letting children be themselves and not be so strict we try to sculpt them into little versions of us


Thank U:)

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