Walking A New Road

Walking A New Road

Time for a Pep Talk!

It has been a hard autumn for many people. Elections are around the corner, and everyone is on edge over what our future looks like.

Because I know the value of pacing myself through harder times, I ended up slowing down in October so I could recharge and be ready for November.  This month’s video Newsletter is a reminder to take the time to get stronger.  For many people, this will be a time to start walking down a new road in life.

I collected together bits of advice I have given out this month here to share with everyone. While it is easy to focus on doom, gloom or problems, I think it’s important to keep up good spirits. Our attitude and outlook do shape how we create from our actions. Yes, it’s time to start walking down a new road in life, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the falling leaves and wonders around us at the same time.

Here is a pep talk to help you refocus and be stronger in your life as you start walking down this new road ahead of us.

Thrive with Creative Spirit

On this Halloween, I hope you are enjoying this evening and being true to your spirit!

Two Thoughts

  • I love how people are becoming more and more creative in life. The desire to express their inner selves is coming out stronger every year. I find this truth to be very encouraging for having hope in the times ahead.
  • Consider the idea that we need to push now more than ever to make our world a better place for all life to thrive. In that effort, we will thrive also.

I feel we need to merge those two thoughts. That as we get more creative in how we express our inner selves, we should take that creativity and apply it in how we push around us to make our world better.

Bones and Spirit

Don’t Give Up, Don’t be Bored

I am never bored and find each day to be unique and special. My secret. I am over 50 years old now. Each day I wake up is a bonus day! Each evening a new night to share with family.

Most people fear not meeting their goals, or are frantic in trying to survive. Living in such a way destroys your life and derails a person from so many other options in life.

When you see each day as unique, then life expands to be amazing.

Embrace each day as a bonus day and see how it open up the world to be so much more!

Opening Life

Working With The Times

Let me summarize my thoughts about how to approach the times ahead:

We are social beings, if we cannot come together, we will fall apart…

As we come together, it is also important to take care of ourselves to be strong and ready for whatever might come in life.

Don’t Lose Hope

When large problems surround us, it’s easy to lose hope and direction. Another blogger Leon wrote a great post on life observations which included this line:

It is difficult to understand why we are here on this planet.

Immediately I thought the following:

We are here to be ourselves no matter what larger reasons that might or might not exist.

So why worry about larger reasons and instead enjoy the personal reason of just being alive 🙂 to then being yourself: be it as Anne, Leon, Casey, Bob, Susan, Linda, etc

I find all this interesting, when people are unhappy: unhappy at being themselves since they have been taught to be someone else by media, family or culture.

Once you alienate yourself, you alienate and remove the personal reason for life itself.

Hence the reason why we find so many people searching in circles while missing their center, their own heart of being themselves on their own terms.

Video Thumbnail
Hang gliding above the clouds in Switzerland 😱☁️
Hang gliding above the clouds in Switzerland 😱☁️ - youtube Video

Extra Ordinary Ordinary

People think doing something amazing is to be extraordinary or to go out and have breathtaking moments.

I teach the exact opposite: your ordinary life should be approached by leaping into it like hand gliding. If you leap into life, then you will always be living a fantastic life.

I have never done anything like hand gliding yet: I have seen, done and embraced so much more than 99% of people, by merely living with awareness, gratitude, kindness and being willing to always living in a way others would call magical.

Just being aware, opens you up to seeing so much and doing even more.

All too many people let the story control them, Flip this around and take control of your own life story.

fortune cookie

Art By Wildweasel33 Fortune

Making Your Fortune

People are always seeking their fortune. Strangely many people are unfocused on what ultimate outcome they’re aiming for in life. These souls will tend to ask me to help them move ahead and then only give me useless high-level general information. Of course, that means I can just offer general advice back in return.

Instead of sharing the question I just got in the mail: here is the general response that applies to many such questions.

A Full Fortune

Live fully as you can now. Opportunities always exist but not as you expect them. The tough part is learning to redefine what is happening around you, so you create the opportunity you need for success. Another option in creating fortune is to look outside the box society has trapped you in to find new angles of living and growth. It isn’t for another person or system to save you! Look to yourself and rediscover personal trust in your core abilities that will take you to new endeavors.

Creating your fortune takes patience, kindness, and awareness. I can say this in a few lines, but that is the process that takes each of us much time.

We see this type of uplifting messages over and over again, in many ways. In tougher times, it’s needed more often to remind those stuck to patiently move ahead one step at a time to just keep the motion of our lives moving.

I don’t say such answers to be a fortune cookie machine. Instead, the answer helps a person know they are not alone, that others do listen and take time to respond. I do this as I can. It makes a difference. Fortune doesn’t come out of answering every question. Fortune is a process of focusing your life on steps that improve who you are every day. Always remember to add a dash of living kindly and helping others in simple ways. Otherwise, you will lose yourself while chasing your fortune.

Use the Energy of the Times to Push You Into Fortune

Pause for a Second and Look Around!

We are flying around Jupiter, as a world we are connecting in new ways. As an ordinary person, we each are all part of extraordinary times. We can use this fact to help us do more.

As an ordinary person you can get involved and help our society and world evolve.

Video Thumbnail
Jupiter Flyby Juno 2017 - Composite / Enhanced
Jupiter Flyby Juno 2017 - Composite / Enhanced - youtube Video

Look around. It isn’t hard to see we are living within extraordinary times. In fact the times are so extraordinary, it is easy to get lost in the times.

Yet the times are defined by you. More than just digesting pre-chewed media: how you witness the times changes the times. More than you feel is possible: how you act does shift human history in very real ways. The above pictures might have come from the Juno spacecraft, and yet the video was from a normal person hand stitching the pictures together into a motion picture to share with others. His actions touching, inspiring and shifting others in return.

How are you going to respond to our times?

Yes you are being tested, tasked, and pushed into life more than ever. You have been thrown into extraordinary times.

The test is this: How are you going to be part of these times?

The trap is to think you have to be great to match the times: when in truth, it’s a process of living with our ordinary hearts.

I have moments that come together in great clarity & then I turn it all around – to live in my very normal life. Normal is magical enough. In living a normal life, I can help others live and find an ordinary kind life also. If you are too busy shooting for extraordinary… you will miss the actions of living in the amazing ordinary world around us.

We need people today who are strong enough to be their ordinary selves and living to their honest kind actions.

Video Thumbnail
Coldplay - Something Just Like This
Coldplay - Something Just Like This - youtube Video

Time to Expand Oneself

As we reach out to be creative, to use spirit and improve life around us remember to be open-minded in this process. All too often we focus too tightly on our creativity and limit ourselves by the act of creation. This makes sense because we need to focus our energy to create.

So we need to alternative between creation and evolution. To create and then let our creations evolve beyond ourselves.

If you limit yourself to be from one nation, one religion, one story: We will be forever at war with each other.

We are an entire world of many people coming together not to be one, but to be more!

Be more, reach out and celebrate diversity and life.

We are social beings, if we cannot come together, we will fall apart…




One World

This picture is of South America. Look closely, you will also see the moon in the background.

Video Thumbnail
Our Choices
Our Choices - youtube Video

Choosing Your Road

What is forcing you to choose any existing road? You have feet not wheels, you are not limited in your choices by what society presents for you.

Be Creative, find alternative roads. If you want simple, then sure enough use a pre-built one. However, it seems to me, -> most roads lead to only more of the same old same old of what this tire old decaying society has to offer you. It just might be time to create our own future space lanes to our own better future thank you very much.

Look at Elon Musk creating his hyper loop. Times are moving along, such times are awesome times to consider new options in how to live life and what to do as you choose what you do want to do. 🙂

Check in with your tallies on your life scorecard so far and take the next step. Say yes to your choice, claiming this road.

What is ahead isn’t limited on what has been built: what is ahead is based on what we decide to create.

Photo by Miguel-Santos

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Live life kindly, gracefully, with modesty while embracing a colorful story to enjoy!

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