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Your Decade
All too often in our stories, we wait for a plot line or look for our inspiration to come from the outside. Inspiration in action always flows outward from your own inner wellspring of spirit.  To drink inspiration from outside sources is to leave yourself high and dry later when you are on your own again. To wait for permission to act normal, is to go stale and to never break out of established rules.

To live -> is to experience your actions.

Sadly many people merely only consume experiences, which leaves behind no life. This is because in consuming outside experiences, you take no personal actions to live against as your own.

In other words: experience needs to flow out from what we do, not from what we seek. Seeking, working towards answers, improving society, is merely an engine we power up through our own actions. While the engine is important: don’t confuse the engine of change to be the definition of who you can be.

Our action is the gas that drives our times!

You will read quite a bit about living in the now. We are told this over and over again. But lets expand ->now<-. Now can be thought of in larger terms, not just as a moment. Lets expand now not to be a second, not a day, not a single event. Lets live in this entire decade, as now. Expand now to include the fullness of your life over the upcoming decade, as your decade.

People make the mistake to think their decade was… (based on their early twenties) 1960 or the Eighties or the Naughty Aughties etc.. That is looking backwards. This manner of past based thinking prevents a person from living now.

Your decade is always the time you wake up within. Starting as older teenagers we wake up into ourselves. Guess what -> We ALSO wake up into ourselves at other points of life: such as our mid life transformation or during times of greater change, which ironically we are within…

We ARE within great times of change.


I am the greatest

This picture of Muhammad Ali illustrates grace and elegance in my opinion. His style was to always craft his own story and put energy into his own actions. A man holding himself as his own person. He made more than one decade his own. A person who took the game a step beyond what people expected.

Your Decade Now

It’s our time to take our game a step beyond.

Don’t shy away from the challenge of making this your decade. Do fight for grace, actively strive to be a strong person, linger to enjoy special moments and use everything happening around the world as motivation to continually transform oneself into a better person, into having a more sustainable lifestyle. Our working towards living a better life will then become a source of inspiration in how to continually live more gracefully.

I look forward to the challenges ahead. Corrupt politics, out of control climate change, greed of a few people, mangled media and the countless issues don’t get me mad, nor does it make me feel powerless. Instead what is happening now is a driving force for me to help others in kindness, it serves as a baseline to actively grow against, it reminds me to strive every day to improve how I live.

I strongly feel that we all have amazing opportunities to explore. We can work towards making the times elegant in addition to everything else it is. All it takes to be elegant is to be active & present in how we live now.

I am asking you to focus on a single word for a moment: ELEGANT

Think elegantly now. Ask yourself how would it be possible to move with that extra dash of grace. Grace coming out from enjoyment, laughter, connection and simply willing to be alive in our times.

Don’t  wait for permission, don’t wait to be served by others an answer that will magically save the planet. At first what you create will be rejected by others. Yet with patience, with perseverance, with modest crafting over and over again, you can come into your own power, answers and actions… which then build up as your personal experiences, meaningful experiences which allow you to then take this decade as your own.

People are always asking for second chances. Don’t miss this opportunity to get a second chance in life. This is still your first chance: if you decide to make this your decade.

This is a choice we have now: Merely be passive witnesses OR be an active participant. The mistake most people make, is to only watch, to only witness the times.  To only witness -> is to watch the todays come and go, with day slipping away, adding up to lost time, adding up until an entire decade, simply passes on by, without getting touch by you.

Instead:  act each day, capturing each day with your active experiences, living it as your own.

It’s time to make this your decade.

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Thanks Stephanie! This post went thru many drafts! which in itself is a clue on how to approach life: be willing to start with something and actively: just keep revising and keep polishing until you make it your own full and compete set of actions.


I love this Casey. Great wisdom and encouragement.

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