What is Freedom?

Back in 1997, I began an exploration of how to make a positive difference in the world. I had several health issues that forced me into a process of self-examination. By reaching out to aid others, while inwardly healing myself, revealed that the deepest healing is the process of self-acceptance.

This has also been a time of intense political turmoil. Mixing these last few years as a jambalaya of life, led to a simple insight and the foundation for a Personal Tao:

Accepting oneself without judgment is the starting point for personal liberty.

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How can we change the world?

Culture reflects our personal and social interchanges. To be yourself includes the practice of advocating your nature in society. Taoism takes this concept further to state that the best political system is one that allows people to be themselves without hindrance.

Speak and act to your nature. Your actions dictate society.

As a reflection of the people, society also exerts a pressure onto each person to conform to its representation of the many. In a culture of mass communication, society exerts a strong influence to change people. Modern culture has sculpted a large portion of the population to the point where many individuals cannot separate their lives from a lifestyle imposed upon them through societal pressure and law.

The feeling of being lost is often due to a person not living his or her life. This is the influence of acting outside one’s nature, by living the American Dream instead of one’s dream.

A Personal Tao provides the power to stand up against any form of dictatorship. This is strength arising from inner peace to follow what feels right. Voting by one’s actions to make a statement about, or change, how the world should be. This is freedom.

We can help others find freedom simply by having our peace first. This is the message that Martin Luther King, Jesus, Gandhi, and others of spiritual strength have shown us. Who am I to think I can express this truth any differently? I am just a father holding out my hand, lifting others by passing on a smile. Revealing hope that someone is out there to toss us back up into the air, if even for a moment, to be as a child again, to fly.

Being an angel:
Means —- having no wings.
Means lifting up to their feet
those who have fallen off the beat.

What the great teachers of the past would say today…

Isn’t for them to say

It has been handed to us now: here and now,
To stand up and make our way into truth.

Because we don’t have wings, yet we can help each other fly.

From Poem Saints

A Personal Tao can be a gift to make a difference. The gift to simply say: “Hey, just be yourself :)”.

It’s enough to make one fly.
It’s enough to change the world.



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Exploring and Growing in Society

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In my upbringing, which was radically different than anyone I have met, but still based loosely in a Christian ethos, so often have I heard the general words – do unto others as you would have them do unto you. But I think this goes two ways. I think it might also be said, that what you see in others, so it is in you. Or maybe this is best said with other words from that ethos that I mentioned, Judge not – lest you be judged. It is not a new perception of mine that what I see in… Read more »


Thanks Casey,

Yet I am confused now. In what I wrote, was I in my essence?

I was trying to step outside my ego and describe experiences I am having in a descriptive, but non specific way. So, maybe – outside my essence…

– Greg

GCH: Be true to your essence: In this

Speak and act to your nature. Your actions dictate society.


Not sure exactly when this one started walking down this path. Not sure when cognizance came; that this path is not entirely new. If there is a trail, it is not traveled heavily, seems to meander and go no certain way. To branch and merge again, this path, crossed again, and then again. Yes in some other time and space this fragrance was also noticed then and there. And colors seen both hard and soft, in gentle air both warm AND cool. And from somewhere came such music that could only just be heard. Fuzzy though the past may be,… Read more »

M.J. Awesome discover freedom in your actions and how you share with others and the world around you. It is a path that only grows with time.

M. J. Slabosz

Right on Casey. This was brilliant, and I’ve been going through an almost identical awakening process over the past few years which only made this article even more encouraging.. encouragement which I sorely need of late! Peace, & namaste.

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