Delusion and Reality

I was asked this question a month or two ago.

How do you tell delusion from reality

Here is a definition (one of many) for delusion:

Delusion is rooted within the ego’s thinking we are separate from the universe and then to “project” a revised perception based only upon our own image.

So delusion is the active projection of ego, creating a false illusion of what reality is.



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How to tell the difference between delusion and reality.

1) Use the third eye and cross-check the information at hand.

Interestingly when using the third eye: delusions have no connective substance.

2) Since delusions are powered by a person’s ego, they may seem real at first, yet they will lack the weight of reality when compared and poked at with all your senses and reason.

So you can determine a delusion when it is something that cannot be validated across multiple senses or axes of validation. Secondly, delusions will contain no valid extra information that allows a person to go outside their field of view. Since delusions are generated internally to a story, they contain no additional information that goes outside the story they are generated within.

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