An Entertaining Life

People love entertainment.

While some people work at enlightenment, almost everyone primarily seeks entertainment to make it through the day.  The two are not exclusive from each other, but let’s face it entertainment drives many people more than enlightenment. It could be said entertainment is in the top five factors that shape how a person lives to their life. The modern business world uses this fact to shape human behavior towards their greater profit every day.

Look at technology as an example where technology is sold by entertainment models.

So I ask you this:
Do you ride upon technology, or does it ride upon you?
Do you define your life around entertainment choices?
Or does your entertainment lead you to choices not your own?


Art by Pawel Kuczynski


I love playing games, and I love using technology. I used to be a computer programmer, and it was a good life. I still walked away from programming since it wasn’t serving me in my personal growth anymore. We can use technology to augment us but be careful not to let it confine your life completely.

Why Does Entertainment Shape us so Deeply?

We as humans live to stories, we wear and embrace stories. So, as a result, humans crave and embrace colorful stories to help inspire a fuller life.

There is nothing wrong in playing a game or diving into entertainments. But some awareness is required to navigate the various entertainment choices. The first trap comes into the play when the outside entertainment is more colorful, more enticing than our own inspiration. The deeper trap comes later when it becomes addicting enough to lead you away from living your own story.  It’s almost impossible to be your own person when you get dependent on an outside source defining you. So yes there is a large market willing to sell you entertainment, answers, and solutions on how to feel or live better. It’s easy to want and then be sold a prettier image of yourself from outside of yourself.

entertaining life

Art By kuro-mai


It’s hard work to expand and build a life. So it helps to look for inspiration from others. But care must always be had not to lose your uniqueness.

Humans need to explore stories. People dream of striving for the fantastic and amazing. We live in a physical world. Dreams are risky to make real, and it’s easier to live one step removed from our dreams and not risk failure. So instead a person walks thru pre-made experiences that end happily ever after. There is no afterward, once the pre-made experience completes. So with a story done, people dive back in to buy the very next pre-made sequel. The perfect consumer loop.

To live outside of oneself is also to lose touch to the physical world. One trap as a human is to live too much in mind. Likewise, we lose touch to our own essence if we only plod in the mundane physical world. Hence the drive of entertainment to push us to be more. So we have a constant juggling act in the balance of our Body, Mind, and Spirit.

One secret: Entertainment is not Enlightenment. But when possible, don’t be afraid to use it as a gateway to enlightenment. There is no reason Enlightenment can’t be fun. For example, I love to play games, but I use games to explore life not to avoid life.

Another secret: Don’t underrate your own stories. In chasing entertainment, we often forget our own story. Use entertainment to examine your life and help you polish how you live.

Important truth: Don’t buy the bullshit. A happy life is to live your life. Don’t wait for others to sell you a life. Invest in your own steps. Don’t waste time in empty entertainment options.

Remember Make it yours: When you dive into outside entertainment, make it yours, expand it and use it to explore your own life also.

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My entertainments of music and nature, and singing in a choir, as well as my vocations of writing and painting, actually keep me grounded. It’s basically family stuff that pulls me into psychological and heart tussles, then I have to come back to my ‘entertainments’ to recover a stronger sense of my true self. Great post, as always. Your writings have been so helpful to me over the last few years. I don’t do gurus and I know you’re not into that anyway, but just saying ‘Thanks!’

Mike Dodd

Nice post! 🙂 I like movies music and games but obsession over stuff does end up feeling “sticky.” I have an addictive personality so I gotta watch this. Thanks for the reminders!