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Guided Meditation

For 2019 we are creating one guided meditation audio each month.

Use these meditations to help you begin to create a sacred space for yourself in your day to day life! You can practice these meditations, again and again, to reflect, heal and gain inspiration and find guidance.

Healing Herbal Teachings

These healing herbal teachings are to be educational, help inspire everyone to have an herbal apothecary and promote expanding both personal & community kitchens.


Modern Magic Teaching Videos

I have started a new series for Patrons only, teaching Modern Magic!

Learning Modern Magic

Every month there will be a new video exploring and teaching the topic of using and understanding magic.

Magic Video List


Personal Tao Book – Audio Version

Each month I am recording 2 to 3 chapters of the Personal Tao Book. The audiobook will be available to our 5.00 Patrons.

Chapters Currently Recorded:

Introduction to Magic

Over the next 12 months, We are creating a series of in-depth teachings about magic, what it is, and how to explore it.

These will be only available to members of our community on Patreon. Once I go through and create this collection of teachings I will then assemble up a complete magic overview for helping people explore magic.

Being Human


Being Strong in our Times Livestream

A rainy day in Hilo, Hawaiian bubbles and teaching a bit of Taoism. Approaching the Times with Strength. Inspiration for Living with Hope and Strength in the Modern World.

Standing Up Rather than Standing Down

It is easy to focus on the doom, gloom, and problems and in doing so, you miss the opportunities.  So many fantastic opportunities exist to improve life around us.

3 Traps

  • The biggest trap in today’s times is doing nothing. In comfort, people find it easier to wait rather than act.
  • The next trap is to push change outside of us. Try not to wait for others to improve the world.
  • The final trap is to over push change.

3 Actions

People seek big answers, and then do nothing because the answer is too big with no easy path. Instead three simple styles of action refine your life and enable you to grow to a better place in life. The three levels of action are: personal, interpersonal and community.

This is a patron only video file. Become a $25.00 a month Personal Tao patron to access and watch this video.

Improving Your Meditation Practice

Meditation and mindfulness are fast growing practices. This audio goes over some guided meditation practice runs and discusses nuances of meditation to help your practice along.

This 40 minute audio is based on the Guided Meditation, Forms and Improving Your Practice article.

The audio also adds in two very simple practice runs for guided meditation.

This is a patron only audio file. Become a $5.00 a month Personal Tao patron to access and listen to this audio file.

Guided Meditation
Art By Hellbrumes

Meditation for Patrons

Using Edges In Life

This 20 minute audio goes over what an edge is, learning with edges, knowledge vs edges, traps of assumptions, edges in communication, stories as an edge, edges and Taoism as well as Magic and Edges.

Remember the teacher isn’t your edge, the edge is the teacher.

This is a patron only audio file. Become a $5.00 a month Personal Tao patron to access and listen to this audio file.

Fearless EdgeArt By blue-a