A Hard Day

I am having a hard day.

It’s a hard day because we can get worn out when pushing day after day.

At times we do call out to the immortals, the timeless ones which lend a hand when we feel low. In the West, these beings would be called angels. We have to do our work to grow. To grow: isn’t to be saved.

The first lesson to learn is that we are angels to each other.

Because we don’t have wings
yet we can help each other fly.

It then becomes easy to look above for help and to wait. But life doesn’t wait. Life always moves ahead.

So it’s important also to know the last lesson:

In the end, we stand within our own immortal essence.

Yes, I had a hard day, not a bad day, just a hard day. So at the start, I simply did what any good Taoist would do: Pulled myself back up and went back out to help others. I live in kindness. That’s the teaching and the path. No one ever said that was easy.

While at times we all will need a helping hand. At those times we accept help gracefully! A more profound lesson is we can be our own helping hand. Never stop being kind to oneself and helping yourself to stay strong and moving in sync with life.

In the heart
we all have the nature of an angel, as an immortal.
To step with time to kindness,
including the moments we require
to help even ourselves.

Commuting into your life.
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