Lessons from Iselle

We just came out from Hurricane Iselle last week. Everything is good. Around the island, we are picking up and helping each other as we can.

Here is some footage a few days after Iselle’s landfall on the Big Island where I live. This is south of us where the storm hit hardest. Where we live, in Hilo, the damage was very mild.

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#OPERATIONPUNA - youtube Video

Around the world, this is part of the new normal. We can be talking about the fires in the north, the droughts, the storms, the changing landscape of disease transmission like Ebola, larger scale earthquakes..etc. This is not something to be powerless against; these are events to grow against.

Communication is important: To reach out, to share information is critical.

Expanding oneself to be in a community is important: To reach out, to share is critical.

At this point, you will ask how.

HOW is an active word: one that connects you towards action rather than merely watching. Yes: Start by asking how, then follow the question of *How* with actions and do experiment with life.

Ask others, that connects you to a community. Research options. That connects you to initial steps to try out.

Be willing to share… That connects you to the world
For example: I started a Personal Tao a decade ago because I felt kindness was the key to our times, the key in how to face the challenges we are now within.

Discover Kindness again in Communication, in Community, in Awareness and In Actions within your lifestyle. Live in style, live with flair, but mix in kindness as part of it all.

Ask yourself: How can I Live more proactively? Then don’t stop.. also *Act* on top of asking the question.

Ask yourself: What don’t I know? Then reach out to learn.

Ask yourself: How can I expand my lifestyle to be more sustainable? Then shift life in many small steps. For example, I was ready for the hurricane. I spent the last six years purposely improving how I live to be more prepared for challenging events. Because I took six years, no one change was burdensome; rather, it was a gradual process of improvements. Yet from this week, I have now learned many lessons from the storm and will implement better options for future times. So over the next 6 months, I will fix and improve everything around our home to account for the lessons learned in real life. Understand that you will constantly be tested so take it the extra step to then refine from experience. Life isn’t static, so we must be willing to always improve upon what we do.

Ask yourself: What would I do if I were hit by a Storm / Event of life? Take the time to gracefully add in the improvements that flow with how you already live and let refinement then become second nature within how you live.

Begin to improve.

No matter how many events you may witness afar, nothing compares to what you experience in real time.

Make life real time so you can be ready for prime time.

It is always prime time, and now it is heating up.

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