Luck, Geckos and a Mongoose

Seven Gecko’s roaming about my kitchen today. Geckos in the house are a sign of luck in Hawaii

So I am very happy indeed today.

However, the chickens and mongooses I am keeping outside despite their insistence to join in on the fun. The Bathroom sink is not to lay eggs in. Despite the hen’s insistence that sinks are the perfect nest.

And the mongoose, well I haven’t had a chat with the pair yet,  but they do seem to think they are part of this all. As they run in and out of the house. I will have to have them over for a drink later and find out what that is all about.

My social circles seem to be expanding a bit.

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Hi dan great to meet you 🙂

I just love the geckos here!



yeah it’s nice to have it.


did you get my normal email about coordinating getting together?

if not email me over at personaltao at my gmail account

Chat soon



Welcome to the land of geckos and mongoose! We also have wild turkeys in our yard, they are pretty neat. Aloha…