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It has been a busy few months for Julie and myself.  We have spent the last year updating and expanding how we teach and work. Also, the times have been busy, so I wanted to keep everyone up to date with what is happening around Personal Tao!

Video Newsletter!

We are starting a video newsletter! Having an email newsletter is so past tense now.

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Our first newsletter will be released in September, probably even 2018 September! Just be warned: once experiencing a newsletter in full video glory, how can you ever go back to old fashion print?

Expanding Our Videos!

Every month I will add a new video to expand one of our teaching pages. Also, I have started some fun video projects. For example, I am creating a series of a video called Lifehacks for Lifestyle. Since lifehacks have become all the rage, I realized almost all the lifehacks you see out there are about consumption, how to do something material. I recognized a need for lifehacks teaching spiritual, relationships and life tips.

After playing around with the videos for the last year, I decided to get in front of the lens finally rather than behind the lens. We also updated all our video equipment so our videos can be of higher quality. It’s exciting to add this dimension to the Personal Tao Teachings. Please share our Youtube channel with friends. The more support we can get, the more energy I will be able to put into the projects!

Video Thumbnail
Life Hacks for Relationships - How to Deepen and Create a Lasting Relationship!

New Teachings!

Next week I will upload a whole new set of teachings: Relationship Rebalancing. Over the years as I help students, new teachings evolve and expand that help my students embrace fuller lives. Relationship rebalancing grew out from the Spiritual Divorce teachings I created a decade ago. Relationship rebalancing is geared to help people change their relationships rather than breaking yourself to fit into a relationship.  I will also follow up with a new video diving into these new relationship teachings.

Our adopted temple cat Nora Rose Kraken has grown into a tiger. Nothing better than a few tigers to keep the temple free of the wild boars. It is amazing how fast we all grow from childhood to adult.

Nora Rose Kraken


Site Updates

Well, I am proud to say I am now 75% through updating the Personal Tao site. I have updated 700 out of 800 web pages on the website the last 9 months! The site has been optimized to be 50% faster. We have migrated to a new dedicated server. When I started A Personal Tao 13 years ago, I built a small and pure handcrafted HTML website to keep everything simple and just to create a helpful, grounded and practical spiritual resource. I never advertised nor pushed the site. We now get close to 2 million people a year visiting the site. I left my programming job to become a teacher of kindness and have never looked back. I still have a month or two of finishing work. I feel like I have crossed a personal finishing line this last month in polishing the site to be better on all fronts. A Personal Tao now matches pretty closely to my original vision for A Personal Tao.


The next part of my vision was to create a larger community. Ten years ago I started up the Awakening Dragon Community for friends and students to share a place of kindness with each other. Now I want to expand out that community into a larger more proactive community. While A Personal Tao was a good start, it only pushes outward. The next step is creating a place where other awakening souls can connect back to Julie and myself.

We have started our Patreon Community as the second step to this process. Within the Patreon community, Julie and I will be writing more in-depth teaching and healing materials. In being part of the Patreon community, you will also be supporting, and connecting with other dragons. We are building chat channels, live stream events, and other tools so we can share information and help each other. Once the Patreon community grows to be large enough, I hope that as a community to be better able to tackle improving our world around us. We are living in times of great change, and I truly feel we can make a difference. But the first step is learning how to connect and work with each other. Our Patreon Community is a step towards this goal of making life graceful for us all!

People think change is fast, yet in reality, it can also be quite slow when building up resources and infrastructure to empower each other. Tearing down is fast, constructive connected change is slow! We have to pace ourselves as we learn to work together in better ways! My long-term vision is a kinder world, and I will build with my last breath to that vision!

Pele Rising

Life in Hawaii

Well as you might have heard Pele a few months ago kicked it up a few notches here on the Big Island. The lava flows were the largest in over 200 years. Roughly a thousand homes were lost in the south part of the island. Pele has relaxed, and all the flows have stopped now.

Everything is coming back together. The Volcano National park is reopening next week (in a limited capacity, lots of roads will have to get repaired in the park). A new chapter has started for the southern part of the island. In other news, the vog is gone for the first time in 30 years on Kona side of the island. Which means Kona side will be more beautiful than ever.

Pele Relaxing

Then The Rain Came

Just as Pele and the lava stopped, hurricane Lane came dancing in to visit Hawaii. Hurricane Lane was a huge storm. The second largest ever recorded to get this close to our islands. The hurricane never did make landfall; it rather stopped right off our coast. The result was rain, lots of it, record amounts after three days. Where I live, we got 44 inches of rain over three days. The Wailuku river had record flows. It was amazing to watch it roar!

Video Thumbnail
Hurricane Lane Rain Swell

We were fine. It was fun to play in the rain, and instead of snow-days, Mina got two rain-days off from school.

Locally Hilo had some minor flooding downtown. One person posted a picture of the flooding. Well, then another person then took that picture and added some extra layers of information to post this picture of the flooding.

Hilo Flooding

The news has been seriously over-reporting our events. Yes, it has been spectacular, but the way the media news shows it, it looks like Hawaii has been wiped off the map. That, in turn, has hurt Hawaii far more than the events ironically occurring over the last few months, since it scares people away. While what has happened here has been intense, it is also all part of life here in Hawaii. I personally think this has been less intense than the fires and other problems the world has been experiencing. The lesson is this: the times are changing, it’s essential to learn to roll with what is happening because this is helping us prepare for the events ahead. Hawaii will be stronger from these events as it helps us be ready for the future.

Anyways that picture became a community event with dozens of versions. So we had fun, well everyone decided to come after all and here is the party that we all had during the Hilo flooding.  You know it is a good time when Godzilla drops on by to visit!


It’s now a week after the storm, and mostly everything is back to normal. We are used to it raining, so we roll with it.

I love living in Hilo; it is a great place with a strong sense of community, open heart and a great sense of humor.

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Have You Ever Seen the Rain? - John Fogerty (Creedence Clearwater Revival)

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