Our Times, Our Transformation

Julie and I make our living helping people transform.  We know from experience to be compassionate and patient as we help each person. Transformation always takes longer than a person would like and it twists around in unexpected manners for each person. Transformation is a hard and painful path to walk. The results can be immensely beautiful, but we must accept the costs (of it being hard, the pain of changes and a willingness to lose something to gain something) of that beauty.

As rational thinking beings, we think we can out-think the transformation process. This isn’t true.

A person is Body, Mind, and Spirit. Each person has many layers of essence, story, and relationships that come into play to twist it around unexpectedly to something different. This always means while we can prep for the process as well as we can, any transformation includes surprises, mistakes, and many detours.

In working with transformation for so long, it’s possible to see patterns. I can say I see something new happening. Our society, the world itself is transforming. More importantly, awareness of that change is rippling across our planet. It’s this larger social self-awareness of change which is a new thing in human history.

Since we are all members of the larger world, how we each live and act also impacts the larger world’s transformation.

Your actions do matter.

Don’t fear this transformation ahead. To face change with fear is to let fear define the process of change. This is why so many teachers are speaking up to state that fear itself the greatest danger we truly face.  Living to fear now does lead to larger problems because fear as a deeply negative process undercuts all futures.

As expansive and difficult the challenges are today, I wouldn’t want to live in other time in human history. We are all part of a larger process. We are witnessing a change in real time now. We all can be part of that change. I accept this and strive to improve life compassionately.

I think the Beatles were right.  The love we will receive later does equal to the love we put into life now.

The Beatles Rockband Outro from Stephane coedel on Vimeo.

Here is how to release fear and the general steps to take.

The play book is relatively simple:

  • Love life.
    To love is to be more, so this means to connect to living rather than simply repeating each day with habits.
  • Live compassionately / kindly each day.
    If you don’t understand compassion, then explore what it means to be kind.
  • Improve in simple steps each week.
    Just pick something each week or month, to make better in your life.
  • Connect with others and share.
    Even if it is to say hello to others more often, to share our stories more often. Be part of our new world, let love (love is the growing to be more) help you find a path ahead.

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The love you share expands out to those you teach. From there it spreads. Exponentially radiating to the world. Am grateful for your teaching.