Collecting Lost Bits of Wisdom

You cannot experience time fully without getting lost. The process of getting lost expands who one is, opens up new options. Being lost isn’t as bad as what the mind fears.

A Personal Tao has been around for a while, and over time as new pages arise, many old pages get retired and deleted back into bits and pieces.

A few of those lost pieces float here before fully going away. In reality, there is no lost wisdom. It is more a question if you are in the right place and frame of mind to hear and see the echoes of wisdom that are always around us.

The pages might be forgotten, but the best echoes still can be heard, long after they are gone.

  • Tell your tales with grace.

    To discover a more robust and full life.

  • When you stop judging others (and yourself),

    It becomes possible to see everyone (and yourself) as beautiful.

  • How do you know what is the right thing to believe?

    There is no right nor wrong belief: merely what you hold as your center…

  • A question I pose for you…

    What truly makes you smile, what do you do… for yourself, to truly enjoy your life as… yourself?

  • Avoiding a problem is not answering a problem.

    Problems are like bad loans, you pay interest on them until they are resolved…

  • Everything that expresses soul is art.

    Any practice of spirituality… is all about soul…

  • Fear is a Delusion and Projection

    Fear doesn’t exist, unless a person gives it power to exist. With awareness: fear goes away.

  • Embrace truth lightly to have the clearest view of the world.

    We make ourselves to be so colorful and complicated! On some days is it any wonder that we then also fumble at our own truths also?

  • One Condition of Shape and Form.

    When taking a larger shape and form, you also reshape the larger universe around you to reflect that new shape of yours…So we oscillate between our personal form/nature and the larger world as a result.

  • Aging

    “Age is the accumulation of insults to the body”

    An older friend of mine said this after his bike accident.

  • Time

    At times you blink and a week just goes by in that blink

    At times you blink and the clock never moves, you just pause in that between time

  • Story telling is a gift of our being human.

    Take story telling too far we lose touch to facts, but not to use it at all means to lose touch to our own humanity.

  • Creation is a process of unity

    That together we push out as a new universe to explore as an individual later…

  • If you are looking for wisdom...

    Then go out and hike, smile to others, warm the heart, connect to the world, be present…This will kick start awareness, eyes will open inwardly…  and you will find wisdom along the way.

  • No religion is static

    If you were to live as a Christian using standards from 1000 years ago, you wouldn’t last long in the local church today!

  • Taoism teaches you how to be an artist

    Many people just don’t trust that they could have the skill to create something beautiful on their own terms. The truth is we all have the skill to be an artist, since to be an artist is to express your soul.

  • The challenge of teaching heart

    Being true to oneself requires bravery to stand up and act. Learning to stand is always a wobbly business at first.

  • The Nature of Secrets

    No secrets really exists, the answer is already there. The trouble is we often make the path complicated to give ourselves a challenge.

  • Life Twirls and Swirls Around

    Seemingly life is never a straight line… and when it is… people then complain best to be used to the twirling and enjoy the dance

  • Teaching is a Meandering Conversation

    Let life meander as it needs to: It’s easier on the soul and still makes a huge difference. It never has to be more complicated than that, but people often make it so… for the challenge not for the truth…

  • Enlightenment

    Enlightenment isn’t something built… it’s released into: accepted as we all move on by.

    To try and build enlightenment is to chase decay.

    To release into enlightenment: is to meander with life.

  • Growing from Mistakes

    Being perfect leaves no room for growth, especially for children.

  • Efficiency

    Being efficient can give you more time, but time saved in such a manner is absolutely wasted if not spent in patience with those you love.

Additional Tidbits and Pieces of Life

Occasionally I like to write up a tidbit page, taking my sticky notes and see what is worth sharing with others.

Looking at my old notes, I find holes in my memories; it’s easy to get a bit melancholy. It just shows how much I change over time. I have forgotten more than I have learned in life. Over the years of helping people, building planes, creating large-scale computer programs, healing others. So much I have done, and even more, I have forgotten.

The trick is to flip the sadness of forgotten moments to actively living and forming new experiences.

Our nature isn’t to only hold all our experiences. The past moves like water thru our hands. Be willing to go in new directions and enjoy life as it ever changes.

Memories and Tidbits

Photo by Thymian

Retirement Tidbit

Retirement is not fixed. In creating a retirement plan allow for evolution to be part of the retirement process.

Relationship Tidbits and Pieces

Relationships are a place where we often try to hold on to forever. Is this wise?

Many relationships are about lessons learned so we can move on. Think about this truth:

99% of our relationships are practice runs for the one that lasts in the end!

Don’t try to make that 99 % of your relationships last forever. Otherwise, you won’t find your soulmate later.

Do seek a relationship to define a lifetime, but accept you may have to sort thru many broken pieces from your earlier relationships first.

Personal Tao Book – Chapter 24
A Paper Spittoon

This is a holding area for items removed from other areas of the book. These items are kept here until another point of time when it feels right to expand or merge them into something more complete.

These are raw and unedited seeds for future writings. If something catches your eye, expand it or maybe add something of your own. Comment on images that these ideas bring forth.


Adults rarely test reality. How often do you try to do things which are impossible? Every day I still try to fly, walk thru walls, teleport or some other whim which tests the universe. Children do this all the time. Yet so many adults lose this trait. If you try the impossible on a frequent basis, then consider your fortune as being pretty unique. In my informal survey of asking people, I found it to be a rare trait outside of artists, madmen, and children.

A Conversation with Julie

Is it easier to destroy than to create? Yes, but why? I believe it has to do with the combination of data, required materials and required patterns to establish something. In thought, it layers down as:

• It’s easiest to do nothing
• Next easiest just go with the flow
• Then to destroy
• Then to create

This question was posted in the Google group “Minds Eye”. Within this conversation, I liked the conclusion that creation and destruction are the same things: change. To create is also to destroy, and conversely to destroy was to create.

Word Math

Written language is a powerful/useful tool. Words are used in the same manner that physics uses math to model the universe. However, both words and math are only abstract modeling mediums.

Language permits the binding of a community in the present time. Written language connects a community across the past into the future, in a stronger fashion.


The empty mind

Performing magic is to fill in the empty spaces.

A Waste of Time

“A waste of time” is an interesting statement. If life is time, then to waste time is to waste life. But if life is eternal, then we can never truly waste time. More interestingly: the saying “time is money”. If again life is time, seemingly the economic systems can then place a value upon life down to the seconds we live. But if life is eternal, then a second becomes valueless amid the eternity of our life. If people were to accept their eternal nature, it could collapse the entire modern world economic structure! Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone! I don’t want the World Bank boycotting this book. I need the revenue ;^) to buy me some of those seconds they are trying to sell me.


Words are shallow.
Orality: Morality without the ‘m’,
Speaking out human nature.
It’s too easy, to become a preacher.
This in any style: Poetry, street savior, sermons
Becomes a hollow sound: The classic noise of one hand
slapping another person down


Ever watch people walk? I am sitting in the café right now, watching:

• Striding laid back, kewl to an angle
• Stiff, pulling each leg forward
• Plodding
• As if he owned the ground
• As if she owned him
• In-different
• Bouncing
• Heavy steps pounding into the ground the bad day
• Planting heels, one heel at a time to step ahead

So much of who we are projects forth in our walking.

Mind Body Spirit

A balance in a physical practice is important. I wonder if acting outside of our nature, is partially responsible for causing feelings of dimming/depression to occur?


We can’t always have a teacher or guide. So don’t wait or hesitate; when something feels right, move to it, explore, make mistakes and grow.

Trees grow strong in the wind and weak with inaction.

Reflections of Ourselves In the World at Large

The world is not
Fair, moral, just, any other human value
The world is just the world


Even if you don’t own this book, freely write within!

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