In my last post, I talked about pushing oneself. Pushing oneself may not seem very Taoist. Pushing oneself for potential can be an inefficient way to generate potential. Know that many methods exist to create potential in one’s life. Pushing oneself is a direct but often harder path to generate potential.

Here is the flip side

It’s one technique out of many. So yes, at times, it’s OK to push oneself. You do so at key moments when the extra push can significantly improve your life later.

Also honestly at times, it’s fun to push oneself, and in being fun, the pushing is play and playing is very Taoist indeed.

Also, at times, life gives us a series of events which ends up requiring a bit of pushing to re-shift events into a better flow around you.

Yes, pushing in your life often lacks style points or may not be as graceful as we would like from a method to move things along. But if timed right, a single push does shift the world.

Also, because pushing is one of the simpler techniques society teaches to shift potential, it’s easy to overuse simply because people aren’t taught other ways to shift potential in their life.

Pushing is like doing math by counting on your fingers, when so many styles of math abound: like differential equations ( i suck at) or abstract algebra ( i am good at), but at times even mathematicians still count on their fingers 🙂

Keep that in mind, when sorting out your Taoist bag of tricks.

Anyways my month-long push is finally over. I am back to a normal schedule of life 🙂

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