Friendship Over Midlife Crisis Affair
United States
July 20, 2012
Friendship Over Midlife Crisis Affair

The essays on his site were the first “sane” things my wife had read at the beginning of this process. She and I contacted Casey independently and felt encouraged that there was something good that could come from all this. Through the guided exercise of patience, being kind to one another and working with a spirit of non-judgement, Casey has helped the two of us maintain a level of honest communication that would have been hard to muster during this difficult time in our lives.

I know that through Casey’s encouragement and instruction the two of us will be able to maintain the deepest of friendships that will last a lifetime.

Midlife Crisis Answers - Saving Our Marriage
October 19, 2011
Midlife Crisis Answers - Saving Our Marriage

The healing power of kindness – Casey helped my husband understand his midlife crisis, which threatened our marriage and our family unit.

As I learned about my husband’s conversations with Casey, I sought his help as well and he encouraged me to be patient, kind, and be graceful as we went through a difficult period of awareness and growth. We are blessed to have found Casey – almost as if we were guided to this path. Keep the faith, hope, be gracious, and be kind – and love will always win.

Safely Walking Me Through a Spiritual Divorce
Puerto Rico
December 3, 2008
Safely Walking Me Through a Spiritual Divorce

Every time I needed to talk about my very intense moments you were there just a phone call or an email away. Your assessment and understanding of what was going on was very gentle and precise. Through our conversations I was able to sort out deep feelings of confusion, frustration and pain. I was able to help my partner go through the process smoothly and without major obstacles.

I was able to apply your very sincere and strong recommendations of acceptance and patience. I was able to establish the balance in the whole family. After all you guided me to become a better person, stronger and to start living with my heart.

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