Final Vows to use in a Wedding ceremony this weekend.

Words do not make a vow
Vows represent commitment.
Words change, meaning shifts, from person to person
In time growing to new meanings

A marriage vow is this:

A commitment to accept change
To remove static definitions that limit
Not to force our thoughts
But to assist towards being more.
To help each other discover:

Marriage is potential.

* Insert Here Personal Vows Between Partners *

Let this moment be one of awareness
so this marriage will thrive in awareness.

Take in, spirit and soul of your partner.
Accept each other’s nature to change
Climb into dreams & entangle as breezes playing
Rain down as sun rays
To warm each other as seedlings, growing to hope
A future living gracefully together…


* Exchange Rings *

Now to discover an eternal kindness
Striving to make marriage be:
In potential, connecting and full of life.

In this, you are together now as partners in marriage.
You may kiss to share and realize these vows.

Relationship Balancing

Art by Aranehl

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Kathe: It was beautiful and they are still happily exploring life together each day.

Kathe Davis

Okay, found Part 2, so that’s answered. How did it go?
Thanks again —

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