What is Sacred Joy?

Lehua Yellow


I found a journal entry I’d written in 2006 about finding inner joy.

I’d been practicing movement meditation and as part of my dance, I found joy in everything. I found joy in hate, anger, pain and sadness. I realized sacred joy was not a feeling found only in happy moments.

At the Farmer’s Market earlier that same month, I had an older man tell me that he would rather live with his foot pain than go to acupuncture. He said, “The pain is part of the joy of living.” At the time, this truly baffled me.

Through my moving meditation, it was a relief to gain a deeper understanding of joy in sadness, anger and hatred; the light in the dark.

Joy, as I previously had experienced it was a surface emotion that often felt forced and not real. This new joy that I felt was deep and it was sacred. It felt like a river running through me.

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