A Personal Tao Apprenticeship helps students connect to the flow of their life and discover how to live more gracefully.  Grace is all about living to potential.  The Personal Tao teachings focus on each unique person, introducing tools to tune into the potentials of your true essence.

This apprenticeship program is located on the Big Island of Hawaii in Hilo.  We embrace a variety of tools and teachings including Taoism, Shamanism, Active Dreaming, Meditation, Movement and Energy Practices, Visioning and Botanical Medicine.  Overall, the tools and teachings provide an opportunity for spiritual growth and guidance, healing and strengthening you as your primary spiritual teacher.

A Personal Tao Apprenticeships are available to students who are twenty-one years old or older.  In addition to the apprenticeship program we also offer Personalized Retreats.

Learning Objectives

1. Develop a basic understanding of key concepts for A Personal Tao
2. Play with a variety of tools to strengthen you as your primary spiritual teacher
3. Cultivate your own personal mana (spiritual energy)
4. Discover how to live more gracefully and strengthen a sense of your true essence
5. Connect to your flow and a supportive international community
6. Discipline the body, heart and mind to maintain healthy daily practices

Cost and Payment Options

The cost of a 1 week (7 day) long apprenticeship which includes 20 hours of teachings is $750.00.

This does not include any personal supplies, travel or other secondary expenses.  Several cost effective lodging options are available. We can also include simple lodging on site for $50/night depending on availability.

A non-refundable deposit of $200.00 is necessary to hold your space.  The remaining $550.00 is due by the first day of the apprenticeship.

Application Process

Prospective students will be interviewed to determine their primary interests, point in life and commitment to a week long apprenticeship.

The first step is to email answers to the following questions to OneRiverLLc@gmail.com

  1. Why are you interested in A Personal Tao Apprenticeship?
  2. If you had to take an animal, a force of nature, and a mythical reference:  How would you write a sentence to describe yourself?  For example, “A breeze wrapped around a dragon who is a cat sleeping in the sun.”
  3. Do you have any special dietary needs?  Allergies?  Describe your general health and any health issues.
  4. What date ranges are you interested in for an apprenticeship? When would you like to start?
  5. What tools and teachings are you most drawn to learning?
  6. Please include your birthday month and year

You will be contacted within a week with available times to schedule an initial interview.

Mahalo nui loa (big thanks) for your interest in A Personal Tao Apprenticeship!

Contact Julie & Casey

Email: OneRiverLLC@gmail.com
1 (808) 445-9864 USA

All sessions are by appointment only.
Over Phone, Internet and In Person.

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