Julie and I are both teachers and healers. Over the years we have helped many people find peace, completeness and healing. Here are the testimonials to show our work on a personal level.

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United States
July 20, 2011
Kindness in Finding Oneself

After a difficult year, I spent a week at A Personal Tao Retreat, it was the perfect spot for my mini vacation. I am grateful to Casey and his family for giving me a place where I could take a breath and hit the reset button in my brain. I was free, yet I felt guided. Every morning I awoke to the beautiful songs of the local birds. I then took a barefoot walk through the soft grass, enjoying my beautiful surroundings, until I would find myself looking down at the three-story waterfall at the end of the property!

June 10, 2011
Teaches from the Heart

Working with Julie has been a true blessing.

Her knowledge, experience, and deep awareness are as evident as her gentle and grounded strength, and she is a gifted practitioner who teaches from the heart. The space she creates to allow my own inner knowing to unfold feels safe, expansive, supportive, playful, loving, and wise.

Conscious Dancers
United States
October 12, 2010

I absolutely love Julie's Conscious Dance. Peace, joy, contentment and wholeness is what I feel at the end of a conscious dance.

United States
October 8, 2010
Flowing with Taoism

His first priority is helping his clients navigate this twisty maze of life, and he does so with compassion and humor. I highly recommend Casey if you are looking for Taoist guidance and/or personal counseling. He's just fun to talk to! 🙂

December 14, 2009
Flowing in Life

Casey led me through a personal, self-directed retreat that served to teach me the method of “release.” Essentially release from the egoic mind, which allows one to tap into and better navigate their potential. We swam in the nearby waterfalls, practiced basic Qi-Gong, and spent many hours discussing seemingly random topics that would never fail to loop back toward a relevant truth. The end came much too quickly. I thanked Casey for his openness, hospitality, and for helping me further along the path to understanding and awakening my full inner potential. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services to anyone interested in Taoist teaching or guidance

October 4, 2009
A Deeply Healing Retreat

The combination of being on the Big Island of Hawaii, along with the beautiful natural environment, wonderful food, strong nurturing environment helped me to let my healing process begin. Casey’s home is nestled in a grove of wild tropical trees and flowering plants with the most beautiful river behind his home. Julie and Casey truly complement each other.

The retreat was an wonderful gift to myself. People have noticed the powerful change in me and have expressed interest in my experience. I would recommend this retreat without reservation to anyone. My vision for my future is no longer a struggle, but an adventure to find my full potential.

Puerto Rico
December 3, 2008
Family & Heart

Every time I needed to talk about my very intense moments you were there just a phone call or an email away. Your assessment and understanding of what was going on was very gentle and precise. Through our conversations I was able to sort out deep feelings of confusion, frustration and pain. I was able to help my partner go through the process smoothly and without major obstacles.

I was able to apply your very sincere and strong recommendations of acceptance and patience. I was able to establish the balance in the whole family. After all you guided me to become a better person, stronger and to start living with my heart.

United States
November 8, 2008
Inner Guidance

Casey's service is like no other. With a keen ear, sharp wit and superior intellect Casey helps you see what is behind the fog. He makes himself available when you need him most while offering his services at a reasonable "price". I have had the pleasure of working with Casey and I would highly recommend him.

United States
August 3, 2008
Discovering Courage and Patience

The most difficult and daunting part of a Taoist retreat is knowing that you are going to face yourself, and listen to your heart-mind rather than your knowledge-mind. It is a gross understatement to say that we human beings really do not look forward to doing this. The knowledge that we do not certainly explained the nerves that I had at different points before the retreat began. But, Casey is a compassionate and honest soul and one that truly supports you. He makes it clear that he is there for you, that it is your retreat and it moves at the speed at which it was always intended to move.

It’s never easy to face yourself, but in the end, it certainly beats the alternative. Life is about change and moving forward, sometimes in big steps and sometimes in small ones. But, the key is to have the courage and patience to take whatever steps you can. And, I am glad that one of my big steps included going on the retreat.

United States
June 5, 2008
Patience in Change

It is a twist of fate to find Casey at this time in my life. His words speak the language of my heart, lightening my burdens, giving me courage. My mid-life transformation began with me feeling ridiculous and confused. When I searched on Google, "what is mid-life crisis," I found Casey's A Personal Tao website; I found a beacon as I move through many lost moments. I have spent a lot of time reading his writings about change, about the philosophy of Taoism, and about how to accept yourself right where you are. I will always be grateful.

April 5, 2008
Changing My World

Julie I want you to know that through your ecstatic dance I am beginning a journey of connecting with my body and am experiencing a self acceptance I have never known before, or may have forgotten. A great release of anxiety, hurt, anger, guilt is being drawn out of me. When I walk away from the dance class I am taking the dance with me and it is changing my world.

United States
March 16, 2008
Discovering Moments in a Personal Retreat

I learned as much about myself from walking and talking with Casey and Julie as I did playing with little Mina in their living room. Taoism is all about acceptance, and what better way to learn acceptance than by finding the extraordinary joys in seemingly ordinary moments?

United States
November 17, 2006
Good Heart

Casey is very involved in the divination endeavor – it’s his endeavor too. He asks you to choose things but he uses his own ideas, feelings, impulses, and analysis to support or even overrule your choices. If you come to a block as a chooser, he can find another way for you to choose, a way that makes it possible for you to continue. He can make you smile, he’s a funny guy, but he never makes fun of you or anyone else. You’re safe because he’s a real participant. Maybe that’s a clue, because when the reader/helper/therapist/analyst/care-giver claims or pretends to be separate from the subject, – uninvolved, neutral – they are not able to be as sensitive to the feeling inside the process. There is no such thing as neutral, in my opinion (and I was an art therapist for l5 years). Here there is no pretense of neutrality; you are working with a magician, a magician with the discipline to maintain his own good heart.

September 3, 2006

He is able to point out the potentials in one's life that are blocked and need expression, as well as a variety of options for moving forward into the challenges of completing life's journey. It seems that his sensitivities to both physical and psychic process give him the ability to "get into" the deeper "blocked" places and resistances. He "reads" people deeply, and very little gets past his scrutiny - so one has the sense of being completely "seen". He gets past social masks and defenses, and gives people a sense that they can be open and honest- first with him, and ultimately with themselves.

Even when the feedback is difficult or challenging, he is attentive and supportive, guiding people through their process as if he is a type of "midwife" coaching them through their own personal "rebirth".

Additional Testimonials and Review Excerpts

  • Casey’s teaching has transformed my mid-life crisis and given me a faith in myself and the universe and an awareness of my power to create my own world of new possibilities and limitless potentials.
  • I wholeheartedly recommend his writing, his retreat and his sense of wonder wrapped in wisdom with a dose of wit and fun. Onward, and thank you, Casey! You have made a real difference in my life and in helping me get to flow and balance.
  • A place and a teacher like no other. Excellent service that is well worth your time. If you are unsure of what is next in your life or where you are going, you will find a warm welcome in Casey and a beautiful local to explore your path. His ability to conceptualize the different angles and shapes of a situation provides the kindness and comfort needed to explore your own life in a way never imagined.
  • An Angel on Earth I was blessed by finding Casey’s web site on the internet. Just talking to Casey on the phone gave me so much comfort that I knew that I needed to fly to Hilo to meet him and attend his retreat. Casey is truly a gifted healer. He shares his knowledge and wisdom in a simple and humble way.
  • I love Julie’s Conscious Dance. Peace, joy, contentment, and wholeness is what I feel at the end of a conscious dance. Julie allows participants the solitude they need to explore their inner dance journey, and at the same time, she can connect participants as a group. Julie, thank you for your heartfelt commitment to Conscious Dance!
  • Wow…thank you so much for a great two hours of music, movement, and joy! It’s such a treat for me to be able just to open up all the channels and move to music; grateful. I haven’t danced that freely…possibly ever. Thank you for creating the space for me to be able to release.
  • Thank you again. I felt an incredible connection to and pleasure with being in my body when I danced. I have little memory of feeling quite like that in this lifetime. It is wonderful and deepens my desire to keep that connection.
  • Wanted to express my appreciation for your wonderful gift of dance to me. The workshop took me deeper, and the unconditional love from my peers will begin to allow the process of self-acceptance.
  • I just love what it (movement meditation) does. And you’re great in showing us the PRESENCE to do it…I’m going to twirl everywhere I go now, who cares!

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