Advanced Shamanism
Foundations Course

Advanced Shamanism Foundation Class Becoming a Shamanbegins Dec 1, 2022
@ 8:30 – 9:30 am HST

Check Your Time!

This course requires you have a basic foundation in Shamanism. This means you understand the worldview and are comfortable traveling in the spirit world. You’ve established a connection with at least one Helping Compassionate Spirit. Consider taking the online Shamanism Foundations course first if you are new to Shamanism.

Below is a general outline. These five online sessions are set up to help you start using Shamanism for others, teaching, healing and caring for the Earth.

  • Session 6 ~ Journey Interpretation, Divination Journeys to work on behalf of another person
  • Session 7 ~ Elemental Dismemberment Journey to prepare for working with others, Power Animal Merging
  • Session 8 ~ Spiritual Healing and Illness from a Shamanic Perspective, Power Animal Retrievals Preparation
  • Session 9 ~ Power Animal Retrievals, Long Distance and In-Person, Ancestral Healing Introduction
  • Session 10 ~ Perform and Receive a Power Animal Retrieval, Learn a Healing Shamanic Extraction Song

There will be teachings and experiential exercises each session so please plan to be in a quiet place you’re comfortable.

$197.00 for the Course
5 Weeks Live Online

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Shamanic Teacher Julie

Working with Spirit

Receive Insight and Guidance

Guided Meditation

We create guided meditation audios for our patrons.

Use these meditations to help you begin to create a sacred space for yourself in your day to day life! You can practice these meditations, again and again, to reflect, heal and gain inspiration and find guidance.

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Advanced Shamanism Foundation Class Becoming a Shaman
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